About Us

There’s nothing sweeter than opening a new bottle of your favorite perfume or aftershave, right? How about even loving a scent so much that you finish the entire bottle instead of only using it a few times before leaving it to gather dust on your shelf? 

Hi, my name is James and I just love colognes, aftershave, even body sprays. Some people collect bags or shoes – I collect scents. Ever since I was a teenager, I have always enjoyed going into the different stores and testing out all of the new luxurious smells.

Once I was old enough to get my first job and pay for my own scents, there was no stopping me! My house is now covered in shelves of gorgeous bottles of every shape, size, and color.

Most of my bottles are still almost completely full, despite being in my collection for years, because I have so many to choose from. From woody undertones to floral heart notes, I have them all. 

As soon as people see my collection, they immediately want me to choose a scent for them. At first it was a challenge – there is so much to consider – but now I love the game. I’ll match a scent to anyone’s aura, personality and vibe. 

This site is specifically designed to explore different scents in the hopes of finding the perfect option for you. Let’s find you your new signature scent, shall we?