How Long Does Eau De Parfum Last? (And Can You Help It Last Longer?)

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Perfumes come in different strengths and fragrances. The strength of the concentration isn’t the only factor in how long a scent lasts, but it is one of them. So, how long does Eau de Parfum last?

For the record, Eau de Parfum has the second highest concentration of fragrance oil, typically ranging from 15% to 20%. (See more on perfume strengths here.)

Eau de Parfum will typically last about six hours before you will have to top it up. To learn how to make the scent last even longer, keep reading!

How Long Does Eau De Parfum Last?

How Long Does Eau De Parfum Last?

Eau De Parfum, which translates as “perfume water”, contains a concentrated amount of the fragranced oils that define a scent.

If you have sensitive skin, choosing an Eau De Parfum will reduce the likelihood of an adverse reaction because lower alcohol levels are gentler on your skin. As we said above, Eau de Parfums have an oil concentration of about 15% – 20% and last about 6 hours.

These are extremely versatile in that they can be applied lightly while still providing a strong, long-lasting scent.

Applying Eau De Parfum Properly

Applying perfume is as simple as spraying, dabbing, or, in the case of a solid perfume compact, swiping.

To avoid “crushing” the scent, avoid rubbing the wrists together after application.

It is best to apply perfume to the warm pulse points.

They can be found on the inside of your wrists, inner elbows, behind your knees and on your throat below the earlobes

These are the warm spots on your body where your veins are closest to your skin, and they help to naturally diffuse a scent.

Anywhere where you can feel a heartbeat will suffice. To keep your perfume lingering throughout the day, dab it on some of the pulse points or all of them.


Some women like to spritz perfume into the air before walking through it. While this method technically works, it wastes a lot of fragrance, so it’s not the best option if you’re on a tight budget.

It does look kind of cool, though.


Sometimes people want to experiment with perfuming their clothing, such as spraying scent on a scarf. There are two things to bear in mind.

First: test it first on a hidden area of the fabric and spray lightly. This will discreetly check to see if the material is sensitive to the ingredients and is damaged or stained.

Second: remember that the scent of a perfume can vary from individual to individual based on their body chemistry. Some fabrics and materials may be neutral enough to take the perfume, but others can react with the chemistry of the perfume to create a different scent entirely (and not always a pleasant one.)

Making Your Perfume Last Longer

Making Your Perfume Last Longer

There are a few tricks you can use to make your fragrance last longer.

For example: scents fade faster on dry skin.

Applying a moisturizer, or even something like Vaseline, to your skin will prepare it for layering fragrance. Make sure you apply something fragrance-free of course!

Another effective way to extend the life of a fragrance is to layer products from the same line.

You could use a scented body gel first, then the body lotion, and finally the Eau du Parfum spray.

The combination of products will assist the scent in remaining full and lasting throughout the day.

Is Eau De Parfum Expensive?

This isn’t an easy question to answer as prices range so widely.

However, as Eau De Parfum has a quite high concentration of fragrance oils, it’s naturally more expensive than a similar Eau De Toilette or Eau De Cologne.

The most concentrated version, Parfum, will typically be more expensive still, so it’s somewhere in the middle-to-high end of the range.

Choosing The Right Eau De Parfum

To find your favorite fragrance, you should first become acquainted with the various scent families.

Fresh notes, oriental notes, woody notes, and floral notes are the four main types. Each of them produces a unique combination.

Fresh Notes: Here, green, water, and citrus notes dominate the fragrance. It has a zesty flavor and a lively aroma.

Oriental flavors are sweet, warm, and slightly spicy. They’re an excellent choice when you want to feel sensual or fancy.

Woody notes are more enigmatic, with a sweet and earthy undertone.

Then there are floral notes, such as lily or peony. They tend to be seen as more feminine, and can be both delicate and intense.

It all comes down to personal preference. Choose an Eau De Parfum that makes you feel good!

Before You Go

With the price that you pay for perfume, you want to have it stay on you for as long as possible! Want to find out more? As we said at the start, strength isn’t the only thing that matters for longevity. Don’t miss our next article:

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