How Many Sprays Of Cologne? [To Smell Great, Not Over The Top!]

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Cologne and perfume (same thing actually) can contain strong scents that are usually applied to pulse points such as the inner wrist and the neck.

However, it’s easy to get carried away by applying too much cologne or perfume which can become overwhelming, especially if the scent is not going away throughout the day.

So – let’s get to it. How many sprays of cologne should a man wear?

How Many Sprays Of Cologne

How Many Sprays Of Cologne Should I Wear?

We’re going to be definitive. You should apply exactly four sprays of cologne.

Two sprays on the neck, and two sprays on the inner wrist (see “how to apply” below).

If you’re really concerned that the cologne you’re using is really powerful and you want to pull back a bit, lose the second spray to the neck (so, each wrist and then one to the neck).

But usually that’s not needed.

How to apply

Not only is it important to know how many sprays of your cologne you should apply, but it’s also essential to apply it correctly to get the best scent and results.

Cologne and perfume should be applied to pulse points as these areas warm up when applied to the skin and allow the scent to become diffused in the air.

So, where are the pulse points? Exactly as you’d expect, they’re places where you can feel your pulse.

As we said above, the major pulse points where people spray their cologne are the inner wrist and the neck.

These areas allow you and others to smell the scent, while also encouraging the scent to linger for as long as possible.

Can You Spray Two Colognes?

You may be wondering whether you can spray two colognes.

You certainly can, it’s called layering,

But – we don’t recommended this unless you are completely confident that the scents complement each other and that they have similar levels of strength. 

If you are experimenting and not experienced with combining scents, you will most likely find that the scents don’t go and that one may last longer than the other, creating different scent profiles at different times.

Layering is a next-level technique. If you do want to try it, it’s best to take one simple scent as the base, and then layer a more complex scent that contains the same base note on top.

So for instance, a simple, uncomplicated woody scent as the base, with a more complex scent on top that itself has (say) sandalwood as one of its base notes.

A good way to combine scents is to spray each scent on a different area of the body. For example, spray scent 1 onto your inner wrists and then scent 2 onto your neck and see how they work together, rather than spraying them both on the same area of the body.  

What Happens If You’ve Sprayed Too Much Cologne?

If you’v sprayed too much cologne, this can cause a lot of inconvenience for you (and for others!).

Here is what you should do if you have sprayed too much cologne:

  • The very best thing that you can do is to take a quick shower which will help get rid of the scent from your body before finding a change of clothes. 
  • If you are unable to take a shower, use soap (or rubbing alcohol if you have some available) on your wrists and neck
  • You can also try using some unscented deodorant before you leave as this will help to tone the scent down. 
  • Changing your clothes before you leave your house will mean that you can start afresh without having to worry about the scent lingering on them. 

Which Cologne Lasts The Longest?

It probably goes without saying, but there are some colognes that last longer than others. Depending on what your scent preferences are, colognes can last between a few hours to the whole day.

If you want a scent that lasts for the longest amount of time, look for colognes that incorporate aromatic oils such as sandalwood and lavender. These are your best bet that they will take longer to fade away. 

Other scents that you should look out for are more earthy and spicy scents such as patchouli, cinnamon, or clove as these scents are natural and “heavier” meaning that they won’t be easily overpowered by other fragrances and smells in the environment. 

How Long Does Cologne Last?

As previously mentioned, colognes can last anywhere from two hours to eight hours, but how long they will last depends on the cologne itself as well as your body chemistry and the weather, as well as what activities you’re up to.

If you are venturing into a humid or hot environment, then the scent will dissipate quicker. Another example is if you have dry skin, then the cologne will dissipate faster in this instance as well.  

Before You Go

OK, simple enough, right? Four sprays, one to each inner wrist, one to each side of the neck (exactly where a vampire would bite you).

But which cologne you should choose? Ah, now that’s a whole other article. Check this next post out:

Which Colognes get The Most Compliments?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Sprays Of Cologne Should A Man Use?

Men should apply four sprays of cologne. Two sprays located on the inner wrists and the other two applied to either side of the neck. For very strong scents, skip the second spray to the neck.

How Do You Know If You Spray Too Much Cologne?

You’ll know if you have sprayed too much cologne if you can smell your fragrance all day long, and it is maintaining a strong scent.

This is because the scent of cologne fades with time, meaning that you should be able to catch a scent here and there throughout the day but not continuously. 

Where Do You Apply Cologne?

Cologne should be applied from between three and six inches away from the skin, targeting the pulse points. The most popular choices being the inner wrists and the neck. If you spray in other areas, you may find that the scent fades away a lot quicker. 

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