Sniff, Spritz, and Save the Planet: How to Dispose of Perfume

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Picture this: you’re rummaging through your fragrance collection, and there it is – that long-forgotten bottle of perfume that’s been lurking in the shadows, patiently waiting for its time to shine.

But alas, the scent just doesn’t tickle your nostrils like it used to. So, how to dispose of perfume if you’re a scent-savvy person? Toss it in the trash and forget it ever existed? Pour it down the drain?

Hold your horses, my aroma aficionados! There’s a world of creative, responsible, and earth-friendly ways to bid farewell to your once-beloved perfumes.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the art of perfume disposal, sharing tips to spritz, swap, and recycle like a true scent-sational superstar.

So, grab that dusty bottle and get ready to embark on an olfactory adventure you never knew you needed!

How To Dispose Of Perfume?

How To Dispose Of Perfume: Earth-Friendly Farewells

So, the most common question we get asked is “Can I pour perfume down the drain?”

The short answer is no. Pouring perfume down the drain might seem like a quick fix, but it can lead to some not-so-fragrant consequences for the environment.

When you wash those scents away, the alcohol and chemicals in the perfume can mix with water and eventually make their way into rivers, lakes, and oceans. This can cause water pollution, disrupt aquatic ecosystems, and harm the wildlife that call these habitats home.

So, how do you spritz responsibly and dispose thoughtfully?

The EPA classes perfumes as “Household Hazardous Waste” . The best way to find out how you can dispose of perfumes locally is to search for local recycling programs.

  • A comprehensive resource for this is the Earth 911 database
  • You can also look up your local waste disposal programs here

Does it feel wrong to actually dispose of and destroy that perfume? We get it – so here’s some more ideas!

Use It Up: Creative Ways to Empty Your Bottle

Here’s a few ways you might be able to use up a perfume that you just don’t find yourself wearing.

Let’s assume for the moment you don’t mind the scent, it’s just not something you find yourself putting on your skin.

Spritz on linens and clothing: Instead of letting that bottle of perfume gather dust on your dresser, give your linens and clothing a little olfactory upgrade. A light spritz on your bedsheets, curtains, or even your coat can breathe new life into your space, and it’s a subtle way to use up that remaining fragrance. Just be cautious with delicate fabrics, as some perfumes might cause discoloration.

Create DIY room fresheners: Why buy air fresheners when you’ve got a perfectly good scent waiting to be used? Mix a few drops of your perfume with distilled water in a spray bottle, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a custom room freshener that’s ready to spritz away those lingering odors. Plus, you’ll feel like an amateur chemist in the process. Bonus points for creativity!

Use as a car air freshener: Turn that old perfume into a fancy car air freshener by spraying it onto a piece of felt or fabric. Hang the scented fabric from your rearview mirror or place it discreetly under the seats. Not only will your car smell delightful, but you’ll also be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind, designer car freshener. Who needs those pine tree-shaped things anyway?

Gift It: Share the Love of Fragrance

OK, so maybe you’re not into the scent at all, and don’t want it wafting around your home at all. But remember – one person’s scent castoff might be another’s treasure.

Gifting to friends and family: How about passing along your gently used perfume to friends or family members who may appreciate a new fragrance to try? It’s a thoughtful and eco-friendly gesture that can help you declutter your perfume collection.

If you do that, try adding humor with clever notes. Something like “From one scent-sational friend to another” or “For those days when you need a little extra spritz in your step” will do the trick. It’s all about making the experience fun and memorable.

Perfume-swapping parties: If you’ve got a few perfume-loving friends, how about hosting a perfume-swapping party where guests bring their unwanted scents and trade them with others? It’s a great way to discover new fragrances, socialize (Ok, let’s face it – it’s mostly just an excuse …) and give your old perfumes a second chance at life.

Just remember to keep things lighthearted and fun – after all, it’s not about judging each other’s scents, but about sharing the love of fragrance.

Repurpose the Bottle: Crafty Upcycling Ideas

It’s not just about the perfume of course. Here’s a few ideas for those bottles that are just too good to throw out.

DIY bud vases: Transform them into mini bud vases by cleaning the bottle thoroughly and removing the spray nozzle. Fill with a little water and add a single flower or two for an elegant, minimalist display. Cluster a few together for a more dramatic centerpiece, and you’ll have guests asking where you found such chic vases.

Roses in bottles

Homemade reed diffusers: Give your empty perfume bottles a new lease on life by turning them into DIY reed diffusers. To make your own, simply clean the bottle, fill it with a carrier oil (like almond or safflower oil) mixed with a few drops of essential oil, and insert some reed sticks. The scent will slowly diffuse into the air, providing a gentle, long-lasting aroma. Plus, you’ll be saving money and reducing waste – what’s not to love?

Decorative trinkets and conversation starters: Perfume bottles can also serve as unique decorative accents for your home. Arrange them on a bookshelf, windowsill, or mantelpiece to add a touch of elegance and visual interest to your space (either empty or filled with a colored liquid that compliments your decor).

They’ll make for great conversation starters when friends visit, and you can regale them with tales of your crafty upcycling skills.

Donate: Spread the Scent for a Good Cause

And of course, there’s always donations. This is a little harder, and needs some more work up front as a lot of charity organizations require “personal items” (like cosmetics and perfume) to be unopened to be acceptable. It makes sense – they won’t want to risk something that has been contaminated after all.

Nonprofits and women’s shelters: Some nonprofit organizations and women’s shelters accept gently used perfumes and toiletries for their clients. Donating your unwanted fragrances can make a positive impact on someone’s life by offering them a small luxury they might not otherwise have.

Before donating, check the policies of the specific location you have in mind and make sure the perfume is still in good condition and hasn’t expired.

Before You Go…

OK, that’s a wrap. Hopefully you have some inspiration there on how to repurpose or pass on that fragrance you just never seem to be in the mood for!

But you might find yourself wondering if that bottle is actually still any good – especially if you’re looking to pass it on instead of dispose of it. No worries – we’ve got you covered in our next article:

How Long Does Perfume Last (It’s Got To Expire Sometime, Right?)

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