How To Store Perfume

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Many of us have a large collection of different perfumes or colognes which we like to bring out on different occasions.

After all, different occasions require different fragrances.

How To Store Perfume?

However, when you have a few different perfumes to choose from, you tend to keep the bottles for quite a long time.

When this happens, there are ways that you can prolong the life of your perfume for as much as you can.

Problems With Storing Perfume Incorrectly

When you store perfume incorrectly, your perfume can go off over time.

When this happens, your perfume will start to smell less potent, which will mean that you will have to wear a lot more to be able to smell it.

As well as this, over time, the smell of your perfume can change slightly when you leave it for a while and can mean that it becomes unwearable.

How To Store Perfume To Prolong Its Life

Ensure You Keep The Bottle Sealed Until The First Spray

You should always keep the perfume closed and sealed until you start using the perfume.

When it is opened, it comes into contact with the oxygen in the air and this will start to cause the perfume to become oxidized.

When this happens, it can start to become diluted and the smell might start to change.

The longer that the perfume is exposed to oxygen, the more the smell will dilute.

Before the perfume bottle is opened, there is no need to worry about the smell starting to dilute. This will only happen from the first moment that it is opened.

Keep Out Of The Light

It is also important to note that if your perfume comes into contact with the sun, the light will affect the perfume.

A perfume has a very specific DNA and so it is important to not introduce anything that will interfere with it.

Although it feels natural to keep your perfume on your bedside table or your dressing table, ensure that if this table is in the sun often that you place it in a drawer or somewhere dark.

Keeping your perfume in a dark place will ensure that it doesn’t prematurely dilute.

Don’t Shake The Bottle

You shouldn’t shake the bottle of perfume, you should make sure that you keep the bottle as still as possible.

You don’t want to let any unwanted oxygen into the bottle, and you also don’t want to allow any chemical reactions to alter the smell of the perfume.

Keep On A Low Shelf

It is a great idea to keep your perfumes on the bottom shelf so that there is much less chance of them falling and breaking.

This is a big waste of perfume, and it also makes your room smell very pungent for a long time afterwards! Ensure that you avoid this spillage.

Don’t Store In The Bathroom

Don’t Store In The Bathroom

You should always store your perfume in a dry place away from any humidity. This is why the bathroom is not the best place to store your perfume.

Humidity affects the DNA of your perfume and may cause the perfume to undergo chemical reactions which can impact the way the perfume smells.

Water damage can really impact perfume. Avoid any humid places to ensure that the smell remains just the way you like it.

Keep The Box

It is a good idea to keep your perfume in the original packaging that it came in.

The cardboard box that your perfume first came in was specially designed to hold in the scent of the perfume.

Keep The Bottle Closed And Sealed

When you are not using your perfume, you should ensure that you close the lid in order to stop the unwanted oxygen from entering the bottle.

Try not to lose the cap of the bottle because you will lose some of the smell of the perfume!

Keep Your Perfume In The Original Bottle

It is a bad idea to transfer perfume into a different bottle.

You want your perfume to be in airtight bottles and you want to ensure that the perfume doesn’t get contaminated by the air as this will cause the perfume to smell less potent.

Transferring the perfume from bottle to bottle is a sure way to ensure that the perfume will go off a lot quicker than if you don’t do this.

Keep Cool

Ensure that your perfume is kept in a cool environment and avoid too much heat. You don’t want your perfume to be exposed to too much heat.

You also want to ensure that you keep the perfume at a regular temperature, meaning you don’t keep moving it from hot rooms to cool rooms.

You should try to keep your perfume at around 60 degrees fahrenheit if possible.

Purchase Long-Lasting Perfumes

If you are looking for a perfume to use alongside some others, you could always purchase longer lasting perfumes.

This perfume will be able to maintain the same level of scent for longer periods.

Keep Them Air-Tight

Sometimes, if you have a very special bottle of perfume that perhaps costs more than your others, there is a more extreme route to go down.

If this is the case, you can double pack the perfume in an air-tight container.

Keep the perfume in the original box and bottle, but put these in an air-tight container to ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with oxygen or too much light.

This is a great idea for that extra special bottle. It will stay smelling the way it should for much longer this way.

Final Thoughts

So, if you have a large collection of perfume and you want to make sure that they will stay fresh for as long as possible, this article should help you to figure out the best way to keep your scents nice and fresh!

You should now also have all the information you need to keep a precious bottle safe if it was particularly expensive or sentimental.

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