Stunningly Fragrant Perfume That Smells Like Coconut

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Coconut is one of those fragrances that makes everyone think of summer! So, it's not a surprise in the slightest that coconut perfumes are so popular.

Stunningly Fragrant Perfume That Smells Like Coconut

There are so many different ones, too! Which ones are the best? We’ll help you decide with our guide!

Stunningly Fragrant Perfume That Smells Like Coconut


Bath and Body Works PINK COCONUT CALYPSO Fine Fragrance Mist 8 Fluid Ounce (2018 Edition)

Bath and Body Works are of course famous for the sheer amount of different and great smelling fragrances that they have to offer.

So, if you’re a fan of the beautiful smell of coconut, then their Pink Coconut Calypso is an absolutely fantastic idea to try!

Of course, there’s the sun-kissed coconut you’d expect. You’ll also find hints of other great aromas, such as apple, driftwood, seaside freesia, and lily!

Whether you give yourself just a small hint of this wonderful spray, or apply it liberally, you’ll absolutely love how great it smells.

And, of course, you’ll also love the moisturizing effect that this body spray has!


Delicious Cool Caribb Coconut Women Body Spray, 8 Fl Oz

This great fragrance from Gale Hayman is a complete delight for anyone who9 loves the refreshing scent of coconut on them!

As you’d expect, this is a fantastic smelling coconut perfume. It’s also an extremely refreshing and light spray, as you'd expect from the name!

So, this is a fantastic everyday scent, or one for when you feel like it’s time to enjoy the cooler, lighter side of life!

So, if you’re looking for a great scent that will evoke feelings of a cool summer breeze, this fantastic fragrance is very likely to be an absolutely perfect choice for you!


Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist

Victoria’s Secret are of course famous the world over for their sensual products, so of course, it’s no surprise that they have some absolutely fantastic coconut themed perfumes for you to enjoy!

This one, their Coconut Passion, is a great smelling perfume that will suit passionate summer lovers down to the ground!

As well as the delicious smelling coconut, of course, you’ll also notice a few other beautiful scents in this great perfume.

Lily-of-the-valley adds a great floral element to the overall aroma of this perfume.

And, to top everything off, there are delightful hints of vanilla that really work wonders to even everything out.


Pacifica Beauty, Indian Coconut Nectar Spray Clean Fragrance Perfume, Made with Natural & Essential Oils, Fresh and Warm Vanilla Scent, Vegan + Cruelty Free, Phthalate-Free, Paraben-Free

If you’re after a really divine and soothing coconut fragrance to wear, then you could do a lot worse than choosing this fantastic Indian Coconut Nectar perfume from Pacifica!

You can of course expect an extremely smooth and creamy vanilla-coconut blend that takes charge of the perfume, making it extremely sweet and luscious to encounter.

However, this also has certain tropical notes too, thanks to the included vetiver and ambrosia flower.

Truly an exotic fragrance, this offering from Pacifica is a fantastic perfume that anybody can enjoy.

It’ll take you on holiday without even leaving the comfort of your own home!


Gourmand Lait de Coco Eau De Parfum 1 Fl. Oz! Blended Scents Of Bergamot, Vanilla Praline And Creamy Coconut! Fresh, Feminine And Sweet Fragrance! Choose Your Scent! (Lait de Coco)

As you might guess, this is a fragrance that almost tastes good enough to eat!

That’s of course in no small part to the delicious coconut scent that’s showcased in this fantastic coconut perfume.

However, that’s far from the only tasty aroma you’ll find here, as this is an extremely rich and full-scented perfume!

You'll also notice subtle hints of bergamot, in addition to praline and vanilla notes.

These give the perfume a lively yet smooth aroma, making it a lot of fun to wear!

This is an extremely sweet and fresh smelling scent that’s also delightfully smooth at the same time!


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One important thing to remember when you’re looking for the perfect coconut themed perfume for you is exactly how you want to use the perfume!

After all, not everybody wants to use sprays - and many people like to use roll-ons, not least because they can be so handy for traveling with!

So, if you’re after an extremely rich and satisfying perfume that’s perfect for slipping into a travel bag, this black coconut fragrance from Kuumba Made is absolutely perfect for you!

It’s of course a very sweet and smooth perfume, with velvety vanilla notes, and a certain nuttiness too!


Instyle Fragrances | Body & Hair Mist | Caribbean Coconut Scent | With Panthenol | CLEAN, Vegan, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free | Premium 8 Fl Oz Spray Bottle

If you’re after a fantastic smelling coconut fragrance that’s at the same time an extremely versatile product, then you are going to absolutely love this Caribbean Coconut body and hair mist from Instyle Fragrances!

As you’ve no doubt already guessed, this great smelling spray is perfect not just for spraying onto your skin, but also onto your hair!

Not only will it make your hair smell amazing, but it also contains provitamin B5 to help maintain the gloss of your hair.

This is also a very light fragrance, which is fantastic for those who don’t like the feeling of being smothered in strong fragrances!


Pacifica Hardcore Happy Hair and Body Mist - Vanilla Coconut 6.9 oz

Versatility is something that a lot of people look for when they’re buying fragrance.

After all, why use more than one bottle if you don’t have to? Particularly if you’re the sort of person who’s out and about a lot.

It can be really good to have just one great fragrance that you can use whenever you need to freshen up!

So, this fantastic coconut perfume from Pacifica is an absolutely great choice, as it will give you a luscious smelling coconut scent to both your skin and your hair!

This perfume is completely alcohol free too, meaning it can be better for your skin than a lot of alcohol based perfumes.


Lavanila Vanilla Coconut Perfume for Women, 0.32 oz Roller - Tropical Coconut, Tahitian Tiare Flower & Warm Vanilla, The Healthy Fragrance, Clean and Natural

And, of course, while we’re on the subject of convenience, you might well be pleased to know that you can also get fragrant and aromatic coconut perfume in a roll-on!

This greta Vanilla Coconut scent from Lavanila is a great choice if you’re looking for a practical and convenient way to use a perfume.

And, of course, the scent itself is divine!

There’s the great coconut tones you expect, of course, blended with vanilla from Madagascar and tiare flower from Tahiti.

And this great and handy fragrance is also completely vegan and cruelty free!

So, there are a great many reasons why you might fall in love with this great perfume!


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Now, we have another absolutely delightful fragrance from Victoria’s Secret!

Their Bronzed Coconut Scented Mist is a fantastically sweet and sensual blend of coconut that will remind you of summer!

You’ll of course get a fantastic coconut themed perfume with this product, but with perhaps a little more character than you’d first think!

As with many coconut scents, there’s vanilla here, which matches so well with the coconut.

There are also some tropical and woody notes here, giving this scent a richness and complexity that might take you by surprise!

This is a nice light fragrance too, meaning it won’t sit too heavily on you.


Skylar Coconut Cove Eau de Perfume - Hypoallergenic & Clean Perfume, Vegan & Safe for Sensitive Skin - Notes of Bergamot, Coconut & Ambrox - (10mL /0.33 Fl oz)

Vegan options for perfume are becoming more and more popular! Skylar has made a fantastic vegan perfume here, their Coconut Cove.

It comes in a really handy and practical roll-on if you like, in addition to a regular 1.7 Fl oz bottle.

Whichever size you use, you’re sure to be enamored with this fragrance!

It’s rich, vibrant, and full of character, thanks to the complex and wonderful set of scents you’ll find.

Amongst others, bergamot, cardamom, lemon, jasmine, and vanilla orchid vie for your attention.

And, not only is this a beautiful fragrance that’s completely vegan friendly, but the packaging is completely recyclable - bottle, cap, and box!


Bath and Body Works WAIKIKI - BEACH COCONUT Fine Fragrance Mist 8 Fluid Ounce (2020 Edition)

Here’s yet another fantastically vibrant fragrance from Bath and Body Works!

This time, they’re presenting you with their absolutely beautiful smelling Waikiki Beach Coconut perfume!

As you’d of course expect, this scent is full of the rich scent of tropical coconuts.

One spray of this scent and you’ll be transported to a tropical paradise - sun, sea, and sand!

It’s a delightful scent that will make you feel like you’re on vacation, no matter where you are.

Not just that, but this fantastic fragrance is also good for your skin, thanks to the aloe! You’ll definitely agree that this sunkissed scent is an absolute winner.


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And, finally, we have another absolutely beautiful fragrance from Victoria’s Secret! This time, we have their Bali Coconut Palm perfume.

No matter where you are, or what time of the year it is, this fantastic coconut scent will have you thinking about summertime at the beach!

And, of course, not only does it have a great coconut theme, but it’s also a lively summer scent!

That’s thanks to the addition of pineapple, which gives this fragrance a lot of vitality!


Of course, there are thousands of different coconut themed fragrances available.

However, we feel that these are some of the best! Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect one for you!

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