Unique Perfumes That Smell Like Alien

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Thierry Mugler created a best selling perfume called Alien and it has not dropped in popularity since its release. Its counterpart “Angel” was also a best selling perfume for a long while. 

People from all over have enjoyed the scent of Alien and have been looking for ways to find an alternative that smells similar that is either not as strong or is a little cheaper than the original. 

Unique Perfumes That Smell Like Alien

Here, we’re going to look at some of the best perfumes that smell similar to Alien so that you can find other alternatives to add to your perfume collection! 

What Does Alien Smell Like? 

Alien is known to be quite a “loud” perfume when it comes to scent, it is strong and punchy and easily recognizable to those who are familiar with the brand. When you initially spray this perfume you are met with an epic jasmine scent. 

In fact, the jasmine notes are so strong that it is Alien’s most recognizable scent. For those who don’t like jasmine, it is best to avoid Alien as it's these notes that are the strongest and give it it’s “loud” reputation. 

On top of this, the jasmine is sour and sharp. When wearing this perfume, you are met with sparkly and bright notes of citrus too. Once the jasmine scent starts to dissipate, it is these sweet scents that linger. 

Once dry, Alien gives off hints of woody vanilla that are extremely delightful. We will list some of the best alternatives that leave you with these scents that are devilishly similar to Alien. 

Perfumes like Alien by Thierry Mugler

Here, we have categorized the best alternatives of Alien for you to easily access. You will have no trouble finding a product that reminds you perfectly of Mugler’s Alien scent. 

Cheapest Dupe

Milton-Lloyd Cosmetics | Stars | Parfum De Toilette | Spray for Women | Woody Floral Scent | 1.7 oz

Also available at: Milton Lloyd, OnBuy

If you’re looking for a fragrance that smells close to the scent that Alien has to offer but is incredibly cheap, then Stars by Milton Lloyd is the best that you can do. This perfume is under $10 and is actually a pretty close imitation. 

Stars by Milton Lloyd provides the wearer with scents of amber, jasmine, and woody vanilla. The only difference is that the scents aren’t as intense and the quality is lower due to the price range. 

Despite this difference, Milton Lloyd never fails to provide us with wonderful fragrances for a reasonable price and Stars is a fabulous example of Milton Lloyd getting perfume right. 

Closest Clone

Ajmal Sacrifice Gift For Her EDP 50ML Long Lasting Scent Spray Floral Perfume Gift For Women - Made In Dubai

Also available at: Ajmal

Sacrifice by Ajmal is a pretty close replica of Alien. The fragrance has a wonderful semi-aquatic feel to it when it is put on initially and is then followed by an amazingly creamy vanilla finish. 

In between the start and finish fragrances, you will spot notes of jasmine, ambergris, and musk just like Alien. The jasmine has a strong scent to it, however, it isn’t as solid or as powerful as Alien’s distinct fragrance. 

In terms of sillage, this isn’t on the same level as Alien and above all the performance of the fragrance comes just a touch below that of its counterpart.

However, with bottles at $30 each, Sacrifice is the perfect perfume to fill the large shoes that Alien provides. 

Less Intense

Mugler has provided us with a fabulously strong perfume when Alien was created. It has a deep and powerful scent that some people actually find quite overpowering.

If you’re looking for something that is similar to Alien but isn’t as intense, then Lace may be for you. 

Lace by Agent Provocateur takes the strength of Alien and brings it down a touch, providing a smooth experience. There are also added notes of citrus that gives the perfume a slightly differing floral scent rather than just jasmine. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that jasmine is still very prevalent in this scent, giving it the Alien feel. Overall, Lace performs well as a fragrance; it just isn’t as strong as Alien. 

You will experience a bouquet of fragrances alongside added fruit scent and a little less ambergris notes. It is definitely a close match with Alien and typically costs around $30 per bottle. 

Light and Sweet

Banderas Perfumes - Her golden secret - Eau de toilette Spray for Women - Long Lasting - Fruity, Floral and Vanilla Notes - 2.7 Fl Oz

Also available at: Antonio Banderas Perfumes

Antonio Banderas’ fragrance isn’t as much of a close match to Alien as our other picks, however, it is definitely affordable and is pretty close to what Alien has to offer.

The white floral blends on top of the woodiness makes for an excellent base. 

The notes that are found in Alien aren’t the same as those found in Antonio Banderas’ perfume, but it’s a pretty decent approximation for scent.

The finish on this fragrance has notes of smooth and rich vanilla that blend beautifully with gardenia. 

Overall, this perfume is light and creamy and is a touch sweeter than Alien. However, we recommend trying this if you’re looking for something similar to Alien, but not an exact dupe. 

Alien with Almonds

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Also available at: OnBuy

There are similarities between Catch Me and Alien when it comes to the scented notes that they have to offer. The only difference between the two is the way that these notes are weighted between fragrances. 

With Catch Me by Cacharel, you will find additional notes of citrus and almond that creates a wonderfully unique scent that is similar to Alien with a twist. These notes blend extremely well and all in all the scent at heart has a great nutty quality. 

There isn’t as much amber in this fragrance as there is with Alien, but there are still strong notes of Jasmine that give it that Alien feel.

The milky almond notes that emerge are wonderfully smooth. You will start to notice these within the first hour of wearing the fragrance. 

The scents here are distinct to Catch Me, but there is plenty of overlap that it is still reminiscent of Alien. 

Lighter and Spicier

Thierry Mugler Alien Fusion Women 2 oz EDP Spray (73267)

Also available at: Mugler

If you’re looking for an alternative that is really close to the classic Alien perfume, then you should try one of Mugler’s own additions to the Alien family. 

Alien Fusion takes what Alien originally gave us and added extra punch to it making it one of the best fragrances that Mugler has released to date.

You will experience lighter scents with this fragrance as well as some additional spicy notes from the cinnamon and ginger. 

Once you apply the fragrance you will be welcomed by the fresh spiciness as well as the delicious notes of orange blossom. After this, you will start to smell hints of the amber and vanilla as it grows in strength an hour or so in. 

The best thing about this scent is that there are lots of similarities between the Fusion and traditionally Alien scent.

They both have the same level of performance and are able to be brought out and applied in summer and spring months alike. 

In fact, summer and spring is where this scent flourishes the most. 

Celeb Dupe

Purr by Katy Perry Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz -100% Authentic

Also available at: Walmart

The best celebrity dupe for Alien is definitely Katy Perry’s Purr. In fact, this scent is so similar that some people believe Katy Perry actually wore Alien herself and wanted her fragrance to be as similar as possible. 

This floral and fruity fragrance was launched in 2010, only 5 years after Alien. It has notes of peach, gardenia, red apple and bamboo at the top and is then followed by strong notes of jasmine, rose, and freesia. 

The fragrance’s finish will start to show itself a couple of hours into the use. This is where you will start to notice scents like coconut, vanilla, orchid, amber, musk, and sandalwood.

You can see here that there are a lot of similarities between the notes found in Purr and in Alien. 

Overall, Purr is a fabulous dupe for Alien and actually adds some extra scents that really give it a wonderfully floral aroma.

If you’re looking for a reliable brand that is very close to Alien then we definitely recommend trying Katy Perry’s Purr.  


Alien is an incredibly popular scent and has only risen in popularity since its release in 2005.

However, if you’re tired of buying the same perfume over and over again or are simply just looking for something that is cheaper, then these fragrances are your best bet. 

All of these have been carefully selected and researched to make sure that they are similar enough to Alien to make great replacements.

We definitely still recommend trying Alien if you haven’t already. It is one of the most prominent scents of the 00s. 

We hope that this list has helped you find the best alternatives for Alien and that you have found which one is best for you. Enjoy! 

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