Fabulous Perfume That Smells Like Oranges

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Fruity smells are of course some of the most popular types of perfume, so it’s no surprise that there are so many fantastic orange perfumes to buy!

Indeed, it might even seem a bit confusing - after all, how many different ways can there be to make an orange perfume?

Fabulous Perfume That Smells Like Oranges

Well, actually, there are a practically infinite amount of perfumes out there with an orange scent, and as you’ll see, some of them can be very different!


SOLINOTES Orange Blossom Perfume for Women - Eau De Parfum | Delicate Floral and Soothing Scent - Made in France - Vegan - 1.7 fl.oz

This fantastic orange perfume from Solinotes Paris will definitely brighten up your day!

It’s a complex blend of some absolutely amazing scents that all mix together to make a fantastic orange blossom themed perfume.

Of course, there are other citrus notes here, thanks to a touch of lemon.

You’ll also enjoy the other ingredients which go into this delightfully complex scent, including bergamot, water jasmine, rose, musk, and sweet honey!

This is a delightfully floral orange blossom perfume that you’ll be sure to enjoy all day long.

It’s a very lively scent too, so perfect for those times when you’re feeling energetic! Certainly a fragrance to savor.


Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume Spray for Women - Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Made in USA

If you’re a fan of the richer, finer things in life, then this fantastically complex and yet beautifully light fragrance will please you no end!

Made by the Pacifica design house, it’s an absolutely fantastic smelling spray with a strong overall theme of oranges.

Not that the scent is overpowering - but there's certainly a lot of orange here!

Not only will you find blood orange, as the name of course implies, but also mandarin orange, and even a general orange scent!

In addition, there’s extra fruitiness thanks to the strawberry and raspberry aromas that are also delightful. All in all, an absolutely amazingly rich perfume!


Panier des Sens - Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette - “2023 Best Fragrance” Allure Magazine - Light Perfume for Women - Natural, Floral Fragrance - Gift for Women Made in France - Body Spray 1.7 Floz

Here’s another absolutely fantastic scent with an orange blossom theme, this time from Panier des Sens, a perfume house based on the French Riviera!

As you’d of course expect from an orange blossom fragrance, there’s plenty of orange blossom to be found in this perfume.

Of course, don’t be fooled into thinking that orange is the only scent in play here, as you’ll also find fantastic woody, earthy tones thanks to sandalwood.

And of course, who could forget the great smelling vanilla that smooths everything out?

This is a fantastic perfume from Panier des Sens, and one that’s more than worth investigating - particularly if you like the smell of orange blossom!


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Apparently, this fantastically lively orange blossom fragrance from Jo Malone was first conceived while staying at a Bel-Air hotel!

Well, from Bel-Air all the way to your home, this is an absolutely fantastic orange scent that you surely won’t want to miss out on.

Citrus is very much the theme here, which should be no surprise at all! However, there are also very noticeable floral aromas too, thanks to a few fantastic ingredients in this perfume.

Water lily, lilac, with a vetiver and iris base all give this great perfume a richness and complexity that truly make this a special fragrance fit for any occasion.

If a floral orange scent is for you, then this might well be worth your money!


Murray & Lanman Orange Blossom Cologne, 7.5 Fl Oz

If you’re the sort of person who likes their colognes to have a more rustic and traditional feel, then this great orange blossom cologne from Murray and Lanman might well be an absolutely perfect choice for you!

From the second you see the bottle and label you’ll get the feeling that even down to the packaging, this perfume evokes memories of a bygone era.

Of course, that doesn’t stop this delightfully rich orange blossom cologne from being an absolute joy to encounter!

For those who want a scent that’s got a certain character you don't get in other scents, this might well be the one for you.


Fragonard Parfumeur Fleur d'Oranger Eau de Toilette - 100 ml

From the famous French perfume house Fragonard comes this fantastically fresh and floral fusion full of the delicious fragrances of fruits and flowers!

It’s a brilliantly fresh fragrance that you’ll fall in love with the second it reaches your nostrils!

It’s of course a strongly citrus fragrance, but with very strong floral notes too.

In addition to both mandarin orange and orange blossom, which of course give this perfume its main character, you’ll also be able to note bergamot, jasmine, and neroli.

Underneath it all, there’s a sweet base of musk and honey, which gives this lively scent a really strong foundation!


Demeter Unisex Cologne Spray, Sweet Orange, 4 Ounce

If you’ve got an interest in great fragrances, then you’ll likely already be familiar with many of the perfumes on offer by Demeter!

And, true to form, they've made a fantastic Sweet Orange cologne that’s great for both men and women alike!

Not only will you find great citrus overtones thanks of course to the inclusion of delicious sweet orange scent based on essential oils from orange peel, but there’s also a collection of other fruity scents too!

Dragon fruit, prickly pear, and a whole fruit salad combine with the orange theme to make a deliciously vibrant and fruity perfume!


Melange Neroli Blossom & Orange Solid Perfume Single .56 ounces

For those of you who are after a different and unique way to use perfume, then you should definitely try out this fantastic solid perfume from Melange!

It’s a fantastic smelling orange themed perfume that, unlike most perfumes we might know nowadays, actually comes in a solid form.

The delicious scents of this solid perfume are captured in hand-poured beeswax, which will likely give you a unique way of wearing perfume that you’ve never experienced before!

And, of course, if you’re a fan of this one, it might well be your gateway into the exciting and great smelling world of solid perfumes!


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Now, admittedly, not everybody immediately associates oranges and winter.

After all, for many people, oranges are more strongly associated with summer!

However, this Snowy Citrus Swirl from Bath & Body Works works so well, giving you a delicious orange scent with a wintery twist!

Helping to smooth out the very lively orange theme are a whole host of richer, creamier scents, such as whipped marshmallow and tonka bean.

And, of course, the whole thing is made even richer and smoother by the delicious smelling fresh vanilla!

This will definitely make the snowy season a really lively smelling time of year!


Kindred Goods Orange Blossom & Tea Eau De Parfum Spray 1 Fl Oz

One great thing about orange scents and perfumes is how well they combine with so many other great aromas!

That’s something you’ll almost certainly find to be the case here with this absolutely divine smelling combination of orange blossom and tea from the perfume makers at Kindred Goods!

You’ll absolutely adore the strong floral tones that accompany this leafy, citrus scent.

It’s a very fresh and sweet smelling perfume that’s perfect for brightening up a day!


Hugo Boss ORANGE WOMAN Eau de Toilette, 1.6 Fl Oz

If you’re interested in fashion at all, then surely you know the name Hugo Boss!

And, of course, Hugo Boss also has a fantastic range of fragrances that you’ll absolutely adore.

This fantastic orange fragrance is of course every bit as lively and airy as you’d expect, having a distinctive citrus tone that you’d of course expect from an orange fragrance.

Bergamot and apple also combine with the orange scent to produce a simply wonderful bouquet of delightful aromas.

You’ll also notice strong floral notes, along with delicious sweet vanilla to complement and enhance the fruity liveliness of the fruity aroma. This is a fantastic offering from Hugo Boss!


Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte Eau De Cologne Natural Spray, 3.3 oz.

If you’re after an extremely attractive unisex cologne that’s full of amazing scents, then this fantatsic Eau d’Orange from Verte Hermes is absolutely perfect for you!

Of course, citrus notes are extremely prominent with this fantastic perfume, as you’d expect from a cologne called Eau d’Orange.

You’ll also find it to be an extremely “natural” smelling perfume, with strong earthy and woody notes, and an almost mossy quality to it.

Both men and women alike will adore the freshness of this fragrance!


4711 Acqua Colonia Mandarine and Cardamom Eau de Cologne Spray, 5.7 Ounce

For a perfume that combines delicious mandarin orange with cardamom, look no further than this fantastic offering from 4711!

This fragrance is perfect for men, although of course there’s nothing stopping anybody from buying and loving this cologne.

It’s, as you’d expect, a very spicy and warm orange perfume, with very strong aromatic qualities.

You’ll also be able to notice hints of cinnamon in the mix here, giving this fantastic perfume even more additional warmth and spice!

All in all, this rich, complex, and fantastic perfume is definitely one worth considering for anyone who wants their orange aromas to have a little bit of a spicy kick!


Hopefully this guide has helped you to find the perfect orange perfume!

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