Fabulous Perfumes That Smell Like Lavender

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There are a lot of benefits to using perfumes that smell like or use lavender in their formula.

Many find the scent calming and relaxing, so it’s understandable why so many people love to use lavender-scented perfumes.

Fabulous Perfumes That Smell Like Lavender

If you want to find some great perfumes that smell exactly like lavender, then here are our favorite recommendations.

Check out the options below to find the best lavender perfumes for you to check out! 

Benefits Of Using Lavender In Perfume

Lavender is a popular smell in all kinds of fragrances due to its many health benefits.

Some people find that lavender helps relieve symptoms of insomnia and anxiety, thus they find the smell soothing and relaxing.

This in turn helps people fall asleep more easily and as a result, some people have even turned to stuffing their pillows with lavender flowers.

However, if you want to wear a lavender scented perfume, it’s unlikely you are putting it on to try and help yourself drift off to sleep.

Despite this, lavender can still help reduce anxiety so using a perfume that smells of lavender can also help calm you down before stressful events.

So, you may find that choosing a lavender-scented perfume can help you stay cool and calm in all kinds of situations.

Plus, lavender just smells great! If you love the smell of lavender then it’s a great idea to pick up a perfume that captures the scent perfectly so you can wear it wherever you go.

Now, all you need to do is find the best lavender scented perfume for you - so check out our recommendations below to see what perfumes are out there!


For those looking for a completely classic lavender-scented perfume, then this addition from Tom Ford is definitely a perfume you need to try out.

Many have praised this perfume for its traditional scents that capture lavender in its rawest form.

The top notes of French lavender are super strong and complemented by some Italian Bergamot to further enhance the liveliness of the perfume.

Underneath, the base notes of tonka beans and benzoin work great for creating a warm, creamy feel.

Both layers work great together but none overpower the main scent of lavender.

So, this perfume captures the essence of lavender in its purest form.

It’s not a heavy perfume to wear and instead, feels very fresh. It sits lightly on your skin with its luxurious feel, perfectly complementing the natural relaxing qualities of lavender. 


Not all of us are after that classic perfume scent.

If you are looking for a perfume that has a completely neutral and natural lavender scent, then we have the perfect perfume for you to try.

Heretic’s ‘Dirty Lavender’ perfume is a gender neutral perfume that is also gentle on sensitive skin.

Made from entirely natural essential oils, this perfume is totally raw and the results can clearly be smelt in the fragrance.

The lavender is fresh and clear, sitting at the top of the scent profile alongside some zesty bitter orange and cedarwood.

The citrus notes brighten the fragrance while the velvety sandalwood grounds it in the base layer.

At its heart is lavender - calming, relaxing, and perfectly balanced between refreshing and grounding.

This perfume is for those who love a completely balanced fragrance that juggles floral, citrus, and woody perfectly well without overpowering the main scent of lavender.

This means that you can smell just like your favorite flower while complementing it with additional notes rather than drowning it out. 


Chanel is obviously the go-to brand for many people looking for a great perfume and luckily, they have their own fragrance that features strong notes of lavender.

Chanel’s ‘Jersey’ perfume is mostly described as a floral musk fragrance.

Although there are strong notes of lavender and sweet vanilla, there is also a very slight undertone of tonka beans.

Overall, the scents come together to give this perfume a powdery lavender and candy-like scent that is not sickly sweet or overpowering.

It’s a typical Chanel musk perfume that is still uplifting and refreshing.

It’s fairly simple and not complex with too many notes and scents fighting to be noticed - the vanilla and lavender complement each other perfectly to make a dreamy perfume that is perfect for cool days free of woes and stress.

So, if you want something high end and familiar, Jersey by Chanel is the way to go. 


For a fresh, floral fragrance, this entry from Gucci is the perfect summer perfume for you to wear.

It’s water based and thus, super light to wear and feels like a refreshing kiss to wherever you apply this perfume.

Each spray is sure to layer you with a strong fragrance of lavender and other floray scents such as herbs and sage. 

This gives the perfume a rustic, garden-like scent that is realistic and will instantly transport you to a natural field of lavender.

The notes of lavender and sage work together so well to create a calming, smoothing aroma that is reminiscent of spring gardens and homey cottages. 

Vintage yet invigorating, there’s also an undertone base layer of tonka bean that creates a sense of warmth and comfort that helps tie a neat little bow on this perfume’s scent profile.

It’s the perfect perfume for those seeing a lavender scented cozy perfume to wear for leisure and everyday use. 


Lavender is sometimes used as a heart note in a fragrance rather than the top notes that you instantly smell.

This means that while you may not instantly notice the lavender notes right away, they will build up over time and make up the main body of the fragrance.

One such perfume guilty of this is Oscar de la Renta’s Lavender perfume.

At first glance, you may notice strong zesty notes of bergamot that can confuse the wearer but one those top notes fade, you will finally begin to smell the lavender heart notes that will stay with you throughout the day.

Complemented by woody and sweet notes of coconut, this perfume is often underrated but it features such a creamy aroma that it is perfect for those searching for a comforting, lavender scented perfume.

Despite this, it’s still fairly light and not overpowering so you can wear it as a subtle comforting scent to keep with you when you need something to help calm and relax you. 


The combination of vanilla and lavender is a classic one because both are very light and gentle scents that balance each other out - and one perfume that is a great example of this is the Vanilla Lavender perfume from Lavanila.

This refreshing scent is the combination of many floral scents including vanilla flowers, Spanish lavender, and even notes of rose and violet to help make this perfume the perfect easy floral selection.

The notes of violet help complement the powdery lavender, creating a soft yet beautiful scent, while the roses go hand in hand with the sweetness of the vanilla.

Overall, this perfume is incredibly balanced and works to create a clean and fresh scent.

So, if you have a particular affinity for floral perfumes and want to add one that is lavender-centric to your collection, then this option from Lavanila is a perfect choice for you. 


And finally, we have this gender neutral fragrance from Anu Essentials.

Small yet affordable, this perfume is easy to take with you on the go and freshen up your scent whenever you need to.

As for the scent itself, there are noticeable notes of lavender that are blended together with unique notes of cognac, tuberose, and oud.

This gives this perfume a strong musk and earthy notes. However, this ashy aroma is balanced out with strong notes of citrus including lemon and grapefruit.

So, if you want your lavender scented perfume to be a blended mix of balanced scents, treading the line between masculine and feminine perfume, then this option from Anu Essentials is a solid choice to choose.

It’s mature yet refreshing, sharp and noticeable, with tones of lavender present to soften the overall aroma.

Some may think that it is an unusual choice but it’s the perfect one for those who love to branch out when it comes to fragrances and try out something new and usual. 


And there you have it!

These are just some of the most fabulous perfumes out there that smell like lavender.

From the sweet feminine fragrances to the blended yet balanced perfumes, there are plenty of lavender-scented aromas for you to choose from.

So, if you love the smell of lavender then check out our above recommendations and get your hands on a sample as soon as possible.

Once you have found the perfect perfume for you, try it out and see just how well it calms you down and lifts your mood.

We hope this has helped you find the right lavender-scented perfume for you. Enjoy!

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