How Many Perfumes Does Ariana Grande Have?

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Ariana Grande first made her way to fame on Broadway before landing her lead role in the Nickelodeon TV show ‘Victorious’. Since then she has become a household name after her first album was released in 2013, ‘Yours Truly’. 

Since then she has released 6 studio albums, one live album, and two EPs. And in addition to that, the singer/actress has also released her range of perfumes - 11 of them!

So, if you want to know more about the different perfumes made by Ariana Grande, then keep reading!


‘Ari’ by Ariana Grande is a beautiful floral and fruity fragrance primarily targeted at women. It was first released in 2015 and is still available to buy today.

With notes of raspberry, pear, and grapefruit, the sweetness is balanced out with low notes of vanilla, rose, and marshmallow for extra sweetness.


‘Frankie’ by Ariana Grande is the only unisex perfume in the line. It was released in 2016, not long after ‘Ari’.

This fragrance is an equal balance between sweetness and muskiness, with scents of apricot, pink pepper, and pear, and base notes of sugar, sandalwood, and musk.

The fragrance was named after Ariana’s older step-brother and was created to capture his fun and dynamic essence


The main accords of this perfume are fruity and sweets, with floral and musky undertones. God is a Woman was named after Ariana’s hit single of the same name.

The fragrance is targeted at women and has top notes of pear and Ambrette, as well as subtle hints of floral scents that intercept the fruitness of the perfume. It was released in 2021.


Moonlight by Ariana Grande is another perfume named after one of the singer’s singles. This perfume is another fruity and sweet fragrance that has powdery and floral undertones.

The fragrance can be described as sugary and sweet, with the essence of vanilla. The floral and fruity fragrance is targeted at women and was released in 2017. The main notes are plum and blackcurrant.


This super sweet perfume is another named after one of Ariana’s songs: R.E.M. This perfume comes in a beautiful and unique bottle that you will love to display on your dresser.

The fragrance is described to be Amber Vanilla and targeted at women. Launched in 2020, the top notes are zefir, caramel, salt, and lavender. Each scent blends to create a warm and sweet-smelling fragrance.


Sweet Like Candy is another perfume by Ariana Grande, and the name was taken from one of the singer’s songs. This perfume is sweet and the fruit will the essence of vanilla to create an almost powdery effect.

The floral and fruity perfume was released in 2016 and has top notes of blackberry, pear, and bergamot. Middle notes of whipped cream and marshmallows help to tie all the scents together. 


This version of Sweet Like Candy is a limited edition perfume by Ariana Grande that is aimed at women. It was launched in 2017.

This perfume is described to be fruity and sweet with undertones of tropical yet woody scents. The top notes of this fragrance are red berries and pear creating a wonderfully fruity scent.


Named after the singer’s hit single, ‘Thank U, Next, this perfume is a sweet balance of coconutty and fruity essences. It can also be described as almondy and vanilla-like in smell.

It was first released in 2019 and is targeted at women. The top notes for this fragrance are raspberry and pear, with middle and base notes of coconut and musk to create a unique, beautiful smell.


This is another perfume named after the song Thank U, Next, and comes in a similar bottle - the same mold but a different color.

This fragrance is more fruity and sweet with heavy tones of wood and musk. It is a more mature and ‘grown-up’ version of the original Thank U, Next perfume and was released in 2021.

The top notes of this one are wild strawberry, apple juice, and pomegranate. The base notes are of marshmallow, musk, and sandalwood to create that signature Ariana fragrance.


Cloud by Ariana Grande is a primarily sweet perfume that has hints of vanilla and coconut.

This fruity and floral fragrance was created for women and launched in 2018. With top notes of lavender and pear, this is a very relaxing and soft scent, for those of you who are looking for something more subtle.

While some have called this a dupe of Baccarat Rouge 540, we think there are better alternatives (see this article!)


This musky yet sweet perfume is another similar to Cloud. With a similar bottle, this is an enhanced version of Cloud for those of you who want a scent more intense.

The top notes for this fragrance are Amber and Vanilla with middle notes of praline and coconut. Released in 2021, the fragrance was created for women. 

Final Thoughts

Ariana Grande has a varied range of fragrances to choose from that are all different yet uniquely Ariana. If you're a fan, there is sure to be a fragrance for you within these 11 different options.

Most of Ariana’s fragrances are sweet and fruity but there are some with more floral and musky undertones for those of you who prefer something a little less sweet.

Another great thing about Ariana’s perfumes is how affordable and long-lasting they are - great traits given the natural target market is younger women with less disposable cash!

It's clear the marketing is oriented that way too - including the bottle design. Every bottle is unique and beautiful and many will want to keep it long after they run out of the fragrance itself! 

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