How To Get Perfume Off Skin

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If you’ve got an unwanted perfume scent on your skin – thanks, perfume counter assistants! – then you’re likely wondering how you can get it off!

How To Get Perfume Off Skin?

Well, there are quite a few methods that people claim to work, but which ones actually do? We’ll take a look and help you to find out!


One of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted perfume scent on your skin is to use alcohol to remove it.

You’ll need isopropyl alcohol or isopropyl wipes for this.

As perfumes are often dissolved in alcohol, wiping your skin gently with an isopropyl wipe can often be the easiest way of removing an unwanted perfume scent.

If you don’t have isopropyl wipes, you can also use isopropyl alcohol from the bottle dabbed onto a cloth or cotton ball.

Then, simply dab or rub over the area of your skin you want to remove the perfume scent from.

Some people also recommend the use of witch hazel in place of isopropyl alcohol.

One thing to be aware of when using isopropyl alcohol is that it can dry and damage the skin if left on for too long, or applied too often.

Isopropyl alcohol can cause something called contact dermatitis, which can lead to sore, itchy skin that can chap and break easily.

You’ll have noticed this if you’ve ever used hand sanitizer too often. So, be careful not to overuse isopropyl alcohol on your skin.


Another effective method that some people swear by for removing an unwanted perfume scent from their skin is to use oil!

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean using motor oil on your skin! However, something like olive oil can be a great way of removing perfume.

This can be done with many household cooking oils, in fact, and indeed even some skin care products that are oil based.

However, for simplicity, there’s nothing wrong with good old olive oil. And, of course, it’s one of the cheapest ways to remove makeup!

All you have to do is apply some olive oil to a cloth or cotton ball, and then gently rub on your skin.

It’s much the same way as you would do with isopropyl alcohol.

This is perfect for oil based perfumes, just as isopropyl is a great way to remove alcohol based perfumes.

One key difference is that olive oil doesn’t dry your skin out and cause it to be sore in the same way that isopropyl does.

So, this can be a much better solution to removing unwanted perfume scents from skin for some people who find isopropyl to be too harsh.

Soap And Water

Soap And Water

It’s true that not every scent will be removed by soap and water – indeed, it might even be the reason that you’re reading this article in the first place!

If you’ve already tried using soap and water, then of course feel free to skip this section!

However, some scents will indeed be removed simply by using soap (or your favorite wash) and water.

It might be best to use a soap or cleaner that has no scent, or a neutral scent, as you wouldn’t want to stack two strong smells on top of each other if the soap fails to remove the perfume!

Simply wash gently as usual – don’t feel as if you should scrub extra hard to remove the scent from your skin!

Rinse and dry your skin thoroughly, and see if the scent has gone. If so, then great news!

Steel Soap

There’s actually a really interesting device that a lot of people use to remove scents from their skin.

A lot of people like to use something called a steel soap. Or, simply, to rub the affected area of skin with any piece of stainless steel!

Of course, a steel soap is by far the easiest way for people to do this.

A steel soap is a lump of stainless steel that has been shaped into a round form, like a bar of soap.

And, indeed, they are used much like bars of soap, except their intended use isn’t to clean your skin, but to simply remove strong smells.

They are purported to help to remove the scents of really strong smelling foods, such as garlic, fish, and the legendarily foul smelling durian fruit.

And, some people claim that they can help to remove scents from your skin. Whether there’s any basis at all in reality for this to work is by far another thing.

For the most part, you’ll likely end up paying over the odds for a useless lump of steel.

Tomato Paste

Ok, admittedly, this one is very weird, but some people claim that you can use tomato paste to help remove unwanted perfume scents from your skin!

The idea goes that you can simply rub tomato paste onto your skin, and it will remove the perfume scent.

Now, maybe there’s something in the acidic content of the paste that removes the scent.

Or maybe you simply can’t smell it anymore because your hands and neck are covered in tomato paste.

Frankly, if this did work, would you want to do it? Now you’ve gotta get rid of the smell of tomato paste!

Most people simply aren’t going to want to smear tomato paste all over themselves, and with good reason!

The real point of this is, that tomato paste, steel soaps, and many other “home remedies” are, at best, time-wasting nonsense, and at worst they’re ways to get you to part with your money.

So, be very wary of any purported home remedies, or expensive products that claim to work wonders.


While there are many things that are claimed to remove unwanted perfume scents from your skin, for most people the truth is that perfume scents can be removed with things that many people have at home.

Alcohol wipes for alcohol based perfumes, and olive oil for oil based perfumes are often the simplest and best ways to remove them.

Hopefully this guide has helped!

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