Stunningly Fragrant Perfumes That Smell Like Marshmallows

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Nothing embraces a comforting vibe like the fragrance of a marshmallow.

After all, it’s such a comforting treat, and it’s impossible to imagine anything bad about them.

Marshmallows are sweet and fluffy, with a scent like no other in this world.

Stunningly Fragrant Perfumes That Smell Like Marshmallows

When you think of marshmallows, you can’t help but think back to the nostalgic camping trips you would have with family and friends.

The smell of marshmallows can cheer you up even when you’re down, so why is it not utilized in perfume more often?

In this article, we’ll help you find the best perfumes that smell like marshmallows.

Once you find these perfumes, it’s no doubt that you’ll be able to embrace the nostalgic joy that these sweet treats would bring to you in childhood.

Stunningly Fragrant Perfumes That Smell Like Marshmallows


Unlike the other members of this list, Liberty Island is for those who prefer a more subtle scent.

It evokes memories of summertime instead of campfire memories, so it’s preferred over the many wintery scents that are on the rest of this list.

Even though it’s more subtle in scent, you wouldn’t think that from the bottle. A star-shaped bottle mixed with star shapes in blue and white.

Liberty Island doesn’t have a subtle shape, but it’s perfect as a unisex member of this list.

In terms of scent, expect strong notes of bergamot and mandarin orange, which will be the first thing you smell.

However, that’s not to say there’s no marshmallow in there, after all, this is a list of marshmallow perfumes.

In fact, it is embellished by some floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom.

So, if you’re shopping for a perfume fan in general, then both men and women will appreciate the summery scents of Liberty Island from Bond No. 9.


Demeter’s released a brilliant cologne that blends vanilla and marshmallow to create the sweetest scent.

As part of Demeter’s Library of Fragrance, Marshmallow is one of their sweetest perfumes that works for all ages.

Marshmallow’s bottle may not look as sweet as its scent, but it comes in a transparent bottle with the names inscribed.

The bottle is subtle, but it somehow gives a magical feeling as though you’re putting a little bit of potion on your skin.

With the smell of roasted marshmallows and vanilla, you can’t ignore the feeling of evenings by the fire.

The memories that are evoked by Demeter’s marshmallow brings a comforting fragrance for those who wear it.

While not a designer cologne, Marshmallow by Demeter is a wonderful cologne to wear through fall and winter, and isn’t too strong.

But, the smell is distinctive, and it doesn’t matter your age, this could be a great gift for anyone with a love for sweets.


Love Don’t Be Shy is a sugary fragrance from Kilian that lasts.

This comes as no surprise to anyone, as it’s one of the highest rated perfumes for women, and is a great perfume for the winter months.

The bottle is both luxurious and feminine, with the label in a gorgeous cursive font with hints of rose-gold in the label and the top.

It doesn’t stand out too much with its pale pink bottle, and yet, the color of it truly embellishes the sweet fragrances inside.

There are so many opening top notes that create a perfect marshmallow ensemble.

While the base notes are concocted using sugar, caramel, vanilla, civet, musk, and labdanum, it almost creates the base ingredients of a candy.

It’s topped by pink pepper, bergamot, coriander, and neroli, and additional hints of honeysuckle, jasmine, orange blossom, iris, and last but not least, rose.

All of those ingredients combine to make a perfect emulation of a marshmallow fragrance, which can’t be ignored.

One of the sweetest perfumes on this list, it somehow doesn’t drown you in such a sweet scent.

If you want a warm scent for a winter gift, why not try out Love Don’t Be Shy.


Vera Wang Pink Princess Perfume By VERA WANG 1 oz Eau De Toilette Spray FOR WOMEN

For the younger women in this list, it’s hard to ignore the power of Pink Princess by Vera Wang.

Much like Liberty Island, the marshmallow isn’t the strongest fragrance here, but it is in fact embellished by the accompanying notes.

You can tell immediately from the bottle that this is for the young and feminine, with a heart-shaped glittery bottle with a silver crown top.

Undoubtedly, the bottle stands out with a bang, and almost appears too sweet. However, don’t let the appearance of this bottle confuse you.

The marshmallow fragrance of Pink Princess is joined by the citrusy aroma of grapefruit and an aroma of raspberry.

As the fragrance dries, it has a more floral and powdery tint due to the notes of amber and hibiscus.

Despite Pink Princess’s appearance, this isn’t a perfume that suffocates, but has a subtle, light scent that makes it a great option for younger women.


Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.3 oz

Dolce & Gabbana released this scent in 2012, and it contains a mixture of exotic notes that instill confidence in women.

Pour Femme Intense makes you feel like a living cupcake, topped with all of your favorite sweets.

Despite the sweet nature of Pour Femme Intense, the design of the bottle is far more sophisticated than you would expect.

It looks like luxury, and will make you feel far more elegant than you would expect from such a sweet fragrance.

Pour Femme Intense is not just marshmallow, but it also has high notes of raspberry, mandarin orange, and neroli.

It also has some lighter hints of jasmine and orange blossom.

Overall, you’ll get a strong scent of marshmallow, vanilla, sandalwood, and heliotrope as those were what Dolce & Gabbana established the base of the perfume from.

Without a doubt, Pour Femme Intense will be a great fragrance for anyone who wants a sweet, yet luxurious perfume.


Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum Spray 3.4 Oz

Ariana’s Sweet Like Candy is a playful scent that presents you with a youthful and playful scent.

If you know someone with a sweet personality, this may be the perfect gift for them, especially if you have any young women in your life.

When it comes to sweet fragrances, Ariana Grande has hit the nail on the head.

Coming in a baby pink spray bottle with a geometric edge, it even comes with a baby pink pom pom.

This bottle is easy to carry around, and there’s no doubt that it would stand out on anyone’s dressing table or bathroom shelf.

Sweet Like Candy doesn’t lie about its name, in fact, this scent is all about marshmallows.

With base notes of honeysuckle and frangipani, you know exactly how to feel.

Every fragrant note has a hint of sugar-frosted blackberry, bergamot, velvety layers of creme de cassis, and all finished with marshmallows, vanilla, and rose.

But it’s not all sweetness, you can feel some softened hints of coconut in the mixture as well.

If anything, Sweet Like Candy is the perfect perfume for any young woman, and can be perfect for a romantic date night.

There’s no way you can ignore the candied aesthetic, and it works to give anyone who wears it a romantic and flirty scent.

Any sweet friends will appreciate this sweet addition to their vanity.


Paco Rabanne Ultrared by Paco Rabanne For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 2.7-Ounces

Paco Rabanne released Ultrared in 2008.

It was designed to have a floral and fruity scent, but while Paco Rabanne does make perfume for both men and women, this one is primarily for the ladies out there.

The bottle of this perfume stands out in that it’s both compact, yet has a modern and sleek design.

The design of this bottle makes it stand out from the crowd, and you can easily carry it around with you to top yourself up.

The base notes of Ultrared are vanilla and cedar, but there are also hints of licorice, jasmine, marshmallow, and star anise.

However, these are all topped with red currant and strawberry, which really sweeten the deal.

Ultrared is a brilliant choice for all occasions, and isn’t too strong for anyone with a sensitive nose.

Even teenagers may benefit from having this compact perfume. If you have any sweet lovers in your life, feel free to look into Ultrared by Paco Rabanne.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most popular marshmallow scented perfumes on the market, and it’s no surprise as to why.

All of these fragrances are both luxurious, but they’re not so strong that they overpower your senses.

While the majority of these perfumes are for women, there are a few perfumes that could be used by both men and women.

So long as you smell like a marshmallow, there should be nothing stopping you from doing that.

With this list in mind, don’t hesitate to search for your favorite marshmallow perfumes to find the best one that will mix with your personality.

If they’re as a gift, then hopefully, this list will help you find the best fragrance available.

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