Fabulous Perfumes That Smell Like The Beach

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Aah, the beach - one of the go-to destinations to visit during everyone’s summer.

From the warm sunshine to the smell of the salty sea to the feeling of the sand between your toes - everyone has their favorite part of visiting the beach.

Fabulous Perfumes That Smell Like The Beach

So much so that saying goodbye can be a bit of a downer - so why not take that experience with you? 

A great way to feel some of that summer beach nostalgia is by wearing a perfume that perfectly captures the smell of the beach - but what perfumes do this best? 

Here are some of our favorite perfumes that smell exactly like the beach.

Check out our recommendations below so you can find the best perfume for you so you can always take that glorious fragrance with you no matter where you go. 


The ultimate beach-themed perfume is this addition from Bobbi Brown.

Best known for producing fragrances that are safe for all those with sensitive skin and allergies, Bobbi Brown has now made a gorgeously light fragrance that perfectly captures all the smells and aromas we associate with the beach.

Packed into a rich yet gentle formula, Beach is a light and delicate fragrance with heart notes of sea spray and sandy jasmine.

This makes the perfume a perfect blend of floral and citrus notes, including top notes of zesty mandarin to awaken your senses and shake up your system.

Because of how light and summery the scent of this perfume is, it’s perfect for day use - especially when you are out and about enjoying some sunshine.

It’s the perfect perfume to use if your skin is particularly sensitive so everyone can always carry that iconic smell of the sea no matter what!


Armani is a huge label that knows how to make high quality perfumes that perfectly capture the initial inspiration.

So, when they released their own perfume inspired by the crystal blue waters of the ocean, everyone knew this would be the ideal beach perfume.

Super light and invigorating, Ocean di Gioia is a perfume that captures the smell of the beach and uses it as a refreshing type of fragrance.

The top notes of citrus insteadly liven up your day and the smell of the beach really begins to creep in once the heart notes start to take effect.

By using water jasmine, Armani has made a floral and citrus scent that completely captures the seductive call of the sea and the energy that it inspires.

With base notes of sandalwood and musk to create a creaminess reminiscent of sand and sunscreen, there’s no denying that Armani did not consider each and every ingredient carefully.

As a result, they have managed to create an exciting, energizing perfume that will instantly transport you to the beach.

Juicy and irresistible, this is definitely a go-to fragrance for when you want some of that summer nostalgia during the long winter nights. 


For a fragrance that instantly hits you with the smell of the sea, this creation from the French company Juliette has a gun is a must-try perfume.

The top notes are entirely sea salt so you can instantly be taken back to that iconic beach scene through this classic scent. 

However, the heart notes of orchid and vanilla bring a delicate floral aroma that helps balance the sea salt with sweetness reminiscent of sunscreen.

Combined with base notes of musk, sandalwood, and tonka beans, these help combine with the heart notes to create a creamy and warm perfume that will kiss your skin like sunshine itself and make you feel as if you are slathered in sunscreen, laid out on a sandy beach in the height of summer.

Thanks to its amazing combination of unique ingredients, Vanilla Vibes brings a sweet touch to the classic beach-scented perfume to turn this fragrance into an experience rather than just a smell.

This makes it a great perfume to wear during late evenings as a reminder of warm sunlight and seaside fun. 


Another hugely respected name is Estee Lauder and they have knocked it out of the park with their version of the classic beach-scented perfume.

Bronze Goddess takes a tropical spin on the beach-theme perfume by adding specific and unique scents to their formula, transforming this perfume into something hotter and fruitier.

Bronze Goddess turns up the heat with top notes of zesty bergamot, mandarin and ginger, instantly hitting you with a feisty taste of tropical. 

Underneath, the heart notes contain strong scents of coconut, enhancing the creaminess of this perfume, pairing amazingly well with the notes of vanilla found in the base notes.

But, that’s not all - the heart notes also contain floral jasmine, using tropical flowers to bring a strong beach scent to the perfume.

Combined with deep musk and hot amber, these ingredients all come together to make a sunny, intense perfume that perfectly captures all the heat and sweetness of a tropical beach.

So, if you are looking for a beach perfume that celebrates the sand and sun more than the sea, then this is the perfect perfume for you to try! 


Some of us love visiting the beach to dive into its cool waters and wash off the heat and irritation that comes with high temperatures and strong sunshine.

A dip in the sea can be wonderfully relaxing and refreshing - so it makes sense to have a perfume that inspires the same feeling, right?

If you want a perfume that smells like the sea and inspires the same splash of energy, then this perfume from Davidoff is one you need to consider.

Cool Water perfectly captures the inspiration behind it as it blends together warm and creamy scents with bright citrus notes to create a contrast that is instantly reminiscent of the beach.

The sharp top notes are instantly recognizable as lemon, grapefruit and mandarin but the addition of the heart notes is what completely transforms this perfume.

The perfume shifts from something sharp and energizing into creamy coconut and strong mint - a combination that is the perfect summer smell.

Tropical and energizing, Cool Water by Davidoff is the ideal perfume for those seeking a sea-inspired perfume to use for a refreshing aroma. 


A great choice for those youthful souls is this deliciously citrusy perfume from Dolce and Gabbana.

Inspired by the concept of sunny summer days, Light Blue is a unisex perfume that captures the sandy shores of Capri .

It does this by first capturing your senses through the top notes of strong grapefruit and mandarin before these citrus notes fade into light notes of sea water and juniper.

Balanced out with base notes of warm amberwood, this perfume combines three different tones to perfectly capture the beach.

From the sandy shores to the salty waters, each scent and sense is captured in this single fragrance. 


Do not be fooled by this perfume’s name - it doesn’t actually smell like seafood at all!

Although you would expect this to be some kind of silly ‘joke’ perfume (after all, Demeter is a brand known for really pushing the boundaries when it comes to fragrances and scents), Lobster by Demeter is actually a sharp scented fragrance that is reminiscent of a day by the sea.

By combining sharp citrus top notes of lemon and lemongrass with sea salt, Demeter has created a perfume that is the perfect snapshot of the ocean itself.

But lobster? Not so much.

There’s nothing really ‘fishy’ or ‘crusty’ about this perfume (despite perhaps a touch of creamy butter as a base note to soften the overall aroma) which means that this perfume actually works great as an actual perfume to use to bring back those vivid memories of your time by the beach.

So, despite your initial feelings of rejection, you might want to give this perfume a try because it might just be the right amount of sea salt and lemon you want for the ideal summer perfume.

If not, then you may want to try out another of Demeter’s fragrances ‘Salt Air’ which takes a more tropical take on your nostalgic vacation memories. 


So, there we have it! Some of the best perfumes for you to try that smell exactly like the beach!

These perfumes are super popular for a range of reasons but the most common one is how everyone just wants to take the beach with them every time they leave. 

So, using a perfume such as any of the ones recommended above are a great one to stop that summer homesickness right in its tracks.

Now that you have some inspiration, check out the above perfumes and get your hands on some samples. 

This way you can find the one that best suits your tastes and find your favorite new perfume in no time at all. Good luck! 

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