Unique Cologne That Smells Like Sagebrush

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If you are tired of wearing colognes with floral notes, then do not despair.

There are plentiful colognes that have naturally earthy scents fusing essences of sagebrush with other warmer notes.

The following fragrances are guaranteed to bring you an earthy essence that fulfills your desires.

Unique Cologne That Smells Like Sagebrush


Greylock may start by bringing bright, citrus notes to your skin. However, it soon mellows into a fusion of pine and sagebrush that give hints of mushroom.

This fragrance is crips yet deep, providing all of the feels of winter.

If you are excited by the idea of smelling like woodland, then this is the best fragrance for you. Whilst it is more charming than sensual, it is just as stunningly beautiful.


This fragrance is both resiny and warm, fusing hints of smoke with overtones of fresh air whistling through an oaken path.

If you have layered up enough to be comfortable on winter's day, then this fragrance will provide you with an added essence of falling trees.

It is perfect if you are wishing to emit an air of sophistication.


If you are looking to emit the essence of a master craftsman, then this scent will transport you into the woodlands in no time at all.

It uses cedar and sandalwood to present a sagebrush essence that is complemented by tones of vanilla and vetiver.

The notes of wood shavings provide you with an aura of strength and ingenuity.

It is an undoubtedly grounding cologne that provides a rich scent delivered in a stunning bottle. 


If you are looking to capture the essence of clear, warm air, then this cologne is definitely for you.

Smudge provides tones of campfires and singalongs that are guaranteed to open your soul to the natural world around you.

Smudge fuses the grounding scents of woodsmoke and sagebrush that are guaranteed to enhance your meditative practices and clear any bad energy around you. 


If you are looking for the scent of a bookshop then this is the right fragrance for you.

It also carries hints of sagebrush through its earthy hints. This cologne also evolves into a fire-pit essence that comes along through an amalgamation of pine and stone.

This fragrance is clear, fresh and cultivated, providing you with an abundance of relaxation.

If you are seeking an earthy scent, then this is the best cologne for you. 

Other fragrances that contain hints of sagebrush include Edition 01- Church by Goop, this fragrance smells like ancient buildings.

Illumination by Lake & Skye fuses circus elements with the roots of the lemon grove. Mojave by Hi Wildflower encapsulates woodland with eucalyptus, energizing the wearer wholeheartedly.

What Is Sagebrush?

Sagebrush is one of many shrubs of the genus Seriphidium, a member of the aster family. 

They can be found across the mountainous slopes of North America. The most common form of sagebrush is a multi-branched shrub that is silvery gray in appearance.

Because of their familiarity to this area of North America, many people will opt to wear sagebrush fragrances across California. 

Unique Cologne That Smells Like Sagebrush

Five Key Things To Know About Sagebrush 

Sagebrush covers a large section of the United States. However, many people do not know the following things about it: 

Sagebrushes Communicate With Each Other

Sagebrush will release signals to other plants, enabling them to exploit them.

For instance, whenever a sagebrush plant becomes attacked by insects, the plant will emit chemicals that other plants will be able to sense.

These plants then release defensive compounds to make them unappealing to attackers. This drastically decreases the chance of being damaged by animals. 

Sagebrush Is Not The Same As Sage

Sage is a herb that is used for spice or for medicinal purposes. It is also a member of the mint family.

However, sagebrush belongs to an entirely different plant family and thus, they are nothing alike.

Sagebrush is also wind pollinated as opposed to being pollinated by insects. 

Sagebrush Cannot Be Locally Adapted

Sagebrush will grow in the same habitat that they are planted in. They do not grow out-of-habitat due to natural selection.

Thus, the grounding energy emitted in sagebrush fragrances is really rooted in its grounded reality. 

It Is Grown By Prison Inmates

The departments of correction situated in Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Utah, California and Wyoming have partnered with the Institute for Applied Ecology in order to plant thousands of sagebrush.

Nearly a million sagebrush have been planted throughout the United States due to this erosion project to restore areas of burned land. 

This program is also specifically curated to be transferred to correctional facilities throughout the western side of the United States.

Thus, using a fragrance that contains hints of sagebrush is arguably more environmentally friendly and these plants are being replanted on a regular basis by prison inmates. 

Tips For Wearing Sagebrush Cologne

1. Layer the fragrance. Layering your favorite sagebrush fragrance onto pulse points is the best way to ensure that the scent lasts for a long period of time. ]

You can also apply lotion prior to applying the cologne itself in order to obtain longevity.

2. Spray your cologne after taking a shower. The moisture leftover on your skin will help to ensure that the scene of sagebrush becomes naturally locked in. 

3. Target your pulse points and the warmer areas across your body. Applying your cologne to warmer areas will ensure that it lasts for a longer period of time.

You should also try to target specific areas like your wrists or neck. However, you can also use sagebrush cologne on the inside of your elbows, or on your ankles. 

Applying cologne to warmer areas of your body will also ensure that the cologne diffuses properly and spreads across your body, whilst spraying it on the lower parts of your body, like your ankles, will ensure that the scent rises during the day. 

4. Avoid dabbing the cologne onto your wrists after you have applied it.

If you rub them together, your wrists will inherently force the top notes of the cologne to disappear quicker than they naturally would do and thus, this realist in the fragrance not lasting for long periods of time. 

5. In order to create a lighter scent, you should spray your cologne gently into the air and walk into it.

This enables the scent to evenly distribute across your entire body, leaving you with light hints of sagebrush.

This is the perfect technique to apply when attending events where you do not wish to smell strongly of sagebrush. 

6. Spray your sagebrush fragrance onto a brush prior to combing through your hair. This way your hair will also be very lightly scented with sagebrush. 

7. Remember that hot conditions, especially humid ones, will make the cologne break down faster, lessening the overall strength and essence of sagebrush.

In this instance, you should ensure that you are storing your cologne in a dry spot away from any humid conditions or heat that may come through the windows. 


To conclude, there are numerous colognes available that carry notes of sagebrush.

This is perfect for those who are tired of the overpowering scent of floral notes.

There are undoubtedly many floral fragrances that will also fuse hits of sagebrush, however, if you are seeking an entirely earthy smell, then you should scour the list of colognes that I have outlined above in order to find one that suits you.

The benefits of wearing a more earthy fragrance include emitting an air of sophistication, authority, and calm.

Natural scents that are associated with the surrounding environment will put the wearer and those around you at ease, as they are transported to a natural environment like woodland.

For this reason, this cologne is also great to wear during meditative practices as you will feel grounded and more familiarized with your surroundings. 

As always, it is important to apply cologne correctly to avoid establishing an overpowering and off-putting scent.

Whilst colognes that contain hints of sagebrush are typically less overwhelming than colognes that use floral notes, they do still have the power to overpower the nostrils of some people.

Thus, it is imperative that you are applying the cologne lightly at first, and reapplying it only once the notes have begun to fade.

As mentioned, you should also apply the cologne straight after you have showered for an added sense of freshness.

Avoid rubbing your wrists together immediately after applying the cologne as this will cause the top notes of sagebrush to disperse more quickly, meaning that you will need to apply more.

You should also ensure that you are engaging in thorough scent-tests prior to purchasing any cologne as the product may not blend well with your natural scent. 

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