What Cologne Does Ashton Kutcher Wear? [His Scent Style Revealed]

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Whoever you are, you’ll probably know, or have heard of the name Ashton Kutcher. He’s a massive name in Hollywood, and for all the right reasons. He’s a multi award winning actor, and is widely regarded as one of the sexiest men in all of Hollywood.

What Cologne Does Ashton Kutcher Wear [His Scent Style Revealed]

So in this article we’ll be going over some of the different colognes that he wears, and try to work out his scent style. So without further ado let’s get started. 

What Are Scent Styles?

Scent styles are the basis for fragrances that we like to wear. Over time everyone will develop their own personal scent style, and they’re all individual to each person.

In the fragrance world, grouping families of smells that are similar is a way to break down and classify how a perfume smells rather than what it contains.

There’s 4 different groups of smell types, these are  Floral, Oriental, Woody, and Fresh.

Chances are you’ll already have a basic understanding of what scent type you’ll like the most from these 4 different categories, but there are many more subgroups that you can get more specific with. These include:

  • Floral
  • Soft Floral
  • Floral oriental
  • Soft oriental
  • Oriental
  • Woody oriental
  • Woody
  • Mossy wood
  • Dry wood
  • Aromatic
  • Citrus
  • Water
  • Green
  • Fruity

From this list you’d be sure to be able to pick out a favorite fragrance or two, and Ashton certainly did. 

What Cologne Is Ashton Kutcher’s favorite

Ashton Kutcher has a couple of different colognes that he endorses, these are Arpege Perfume, and John Varvatos Perfume, let’s take a closer look at both of these fragrances.

John Varvatos

The John Varvatos fragrance is perfectly full of happy contradictions: bold and relaxed; subtle and sophisticated; masculine but delicate; the elegance of day and the promiscuous nature of night.

There are a couple of notes – Tamarind and fig leaves – that blend with the strong leather, but also the tobacco, plum, thyme, amber, vanilla, and a little oud, make a unique marvelous, sweet, creamy scent.

It’s a very well-crafted fragrance. If it would last longer it would be a real masterpiece.

The dry down, although a bit subtle, is very pleasant. It’s a people pleasing fragrance that has a strong emphasis on masculine scents, and whilst it doesn’t last too long on the skin, it’s a small price to pay for a fragrance with such depth and broad scents.

The scent is bound to be noticed while it lasts. It really draws a lot of attention in daily normal use. It is totally fine to use it in an office environment, whilst also being perfect for a night out, or a classy date. It’s quite the allrounder.

Not to mention the elegance and classy nature of the bottle that the fragrance is stored in. 


Being one of the most celebrated fragrances of all time, Arpège is an incredibly highly regarded perfume that’s not talked about as much as it should be.

The fragrance opens with effervescent aldehydes and citrus notes. Arpège feels less bright, more supple and warmer. 

Perhaps it’s the maternal aspect of the story of the perfume’s creation that instills it, but Arpège certainly feels like a comforting embrace from a loved one, and especially so in the top notes.

Flowers play a big part in Arpege’s composition, laying beneath the glimmer of the opening. 

When the perfume was created, Jeanne Lanvin aimed to create a new flower, and add to nature itself, and in keeping with this theme, Arpège presents itself as an abstract floral bouquet rather than a botanical catalog of individual blooms.

It’s the culmination of various different natural flavors to create one new flavor.  Jasmine feels the most prominent but there’s also a touch of something akin to rose and a touch of iris powder to extend the perfume’s overarching sense of softness. 

But this is not a ripe floral bouquet that sings with crisp, green freshness, far from it in fact, as Arpege gives the impressions of flowers just past their peak, where their brightness has faded away.

As it dries down, Arpege becomes warmer and takes on a more resinous character that is thankfully devoid of much sweetness. 

Stripes of earthy and spicy vetiver streaks through the plusher aspects of the perfume’s base materials, emphasizing the auburn edges of the overripe petals and creating a contrasting sharpness that lifts Arpege from being overtly plush.

What Cologne Does Ashton Kutcher Wear [His Scent Style Revealed] (1)

This scent is as complex as it is magical smelling, and Ashton couldn’t have picked a better choice.

A few scents that are really quite perfect for a man like Ashton Kutcher. There’s hints of subtleness, mysteriousness is a key feature too, and both fragrances really harbor the absolute essence of provocation.

Ashton couldn’t have picked more fitting fragrances to wear. 

Ashton Kutcher’s Scent Style

So as we can see from the combination of various fragrances, Ashton Kutcher’s favorite scent style would range around the deeper, and more mysterious categories, opting in for Heavier and more complex flavors like dates and figs, but not all the way to the heaviest flavors like leather and wood.

Luckily for us this means that there’s a few different colognes that are similar to this one for you to try out. Let’s take a look at one example.


Vetiver Essence

Whilst not offering that same deepness that Arpège has, Vetiver offers that same deep green scent by using light citrus, cardamom and nutwood that might appeal to people that find those fragrances above attractive.

There’s a little citrusy freshness with grapefruit and petitgrain in the head, a few gentle spices with cardamom, coffee and iris dusts around the vetiver heart – and finally a little wood down below and out the back.

A simple yet attractive fragrance that hits those same key deep green notes that the other fragrances Ashton Kutcher wears have. 

Final Thoughts

Being the global superstar that he is, you’d imagine Ashton Kutcher to put a lot of time and effort into his appearance, this is of course true, and nothing finishes off a fantastic looking person without the smells and fragrances that reflect their own personality.

Mr Kutcher uses his fragrances of choice to reflect his personality, his depth, and simply just to smell fantastic!  and he chose fragrances that anyone else would be envious of to mention in their own scent style.

Whilst some celebrities may use fragrances that they’re endorsed for or they own, Ashton Kutcher wears fragrances that attract and leave your nose wanting more, he’s chosen them well.