What Does Burberry Weekend Smell Like?

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Burberry launched one of their most iconic fragrances to date in 1997. This fragrance is called Burberry Weekend and was designed for luxury and leisure on the weekends.

The fragrance itself was created by the accomplished perfumer, Michel Almanac. It is still one of the most renowned and popular citrus scents worn by men today and it undoubtedly boosts the attractiveness of the wearer. 

What Is The Packaging Like On Burberry Weekend?

The iconic Burberry style is represented on the packaging and in the smell itself. The packaging comes in a dark blue box that is neatly lined using silver font. The bottle is relatively light and smooth with a body that takes the form of a cylinder. 

The bottle is mainly transparent in order to show the yellowed liquid within the bottle. The middle of the bottle showcases its name alongside the Burberry label at the bottom. The cap is small, sleek and silver, with Burberry engraved into its design. 

Once the cap has been removed, the scent distributes easily and evenly, using a far-reaching spray nozzle. 

How Does Burberry Weekend Smell?

Burberry Weekend amalgamates impressive citrus tones with sleeker undertones. It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive fragrances on the market due to its multifaceted nature.

It provides notable bursts of citrus notes when first distributed, that mellow out into a softer aroma. This is the reason why this fragrance is marketed for casual weekend endeavours.

However it can also be used to attend more luxurious events as it provides hints of an overall good time. 

Irrespective of the fact that some may find the citrus notes overpowering, these mellow out pretty quickly into a subtler aroma.

The fruits contained in the scents are easily tamed and controlled with undertones of amber and warm honey. However, despite its mellowing, it does retain its sweetness over a longer period of time. 

The best part of the aroma of this fragrant is that it does not lose any sweetness from the start.

Many other citrus-heavy scents will lose their fruity essence pretty soon and yet, this fragrance perfectly blends its wooden undertones with its citrus top notes over long periods of time. 

This provides a more reliable base and sweetness to the essence of this fragrance, meaning that it will not wear out during your weekend socializing. This is one of the main reasons why it is such a popular fragrance for men. 

What Are The Notes Within Burberry Weekend?

Top Notes include grapefruit, tangerine, bergamot, lemon, melon, and pineapple. Whilst the heart notes include ivy leaves, oak moss, and sandalwood. The base notes consist of musk, honey, and amber. 

What Is The Overall Longevity Of Burberry Weekend?

Despite the fact that this scent was initially developed for casual usage, it actually lasts for a surprisingly long period of time.

This fragrance will typically last for a full day which is why it is the perfect scent for casual weekend endeavors.

As mentioned, the sweetness of this fragrance does not readily fade and thus your confidence will not fade with it. Even if you are partying for an entire weekend, you would still probably be smelling the best afterwards!

What Does Burberry Weekend Smell Like?

What Is The Sillage Of Burberry Weekend?

As I have stated, one of the strongest aspects of this fragrance is that it is not too overpowering. This is undoubtedly a strong point as it perfectly balances fruity notes without putting anybody off.

The citrus contained undoubtedly makes a strong first impression, however, its volume is controlled, culminating in the perfect level of aroma being emitted. This cologne will ensure that you smell brilliant within crowds of any size, with just a spritz of its power. 

When Should I Wear Burberry Weekend?

Burberry weekend should ideally only be worn within warmer months like spring and summer. The reason for this is that it was made for casual use. It also has lighter and brighter citrus tones that may not be suited for the winter months.

However, this does not mean that it shouldn’t be worn during these seasons, especially if it is your lovers favorite fragrance! 

However, it is important to note that its sweet essence definitely emits a more relaxed, summer vibe. A more rugged and wooden scent is more suited to your workplace and date nights.

However, just because it is sweet doesn’t make it totally non-sensual. If this is your preferred scent, then you should try to keep it for casual events as this is where it will work the best for you. 

Who Should Buy Burberry Weekend?

Burberry Weekend should be bought by those who want to hangout with their loved ones and friends and parties or dinners.

This is because it is the perfect casual scent for those who like to regularly socialize, especially during the summer and spring months.

Even if you have a more vast and extensive range of colognes at your disposal, it is advisable to reach for this fragrance when engaging in casual endeavors. 


To conclude, burberry weekend is a citrus-heavy fragrance that sprays easily and evenly from the bottle. The bottle itself is transparently designed in a cylindrical shape that is easy to grasp and carry.

The scent may seem overpowering at first due to the powerful nature of the citrus notes, however, it does fade into a more rugged scent due to the undertones of amber contained within it.

This is undoubtedly the perfect fragrance to choose for your weekend endeavors. Especially if you are prone to going out casually and socializing in larger groups.

This fragrance does not fade easily and thus, you are guaranteed to be smelling great throughout the weekend, irrespective of how hard you party or not!

This fragrance is named appropriately as it is definitely a strong contender to choose for your casual weekend endeavors.

However, be sure to apply it to warm spots on your body to make sure that it spreads evenly and you can reap the full benefits during the summer and springtime.

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