What Perfume Does Jlo Wear?

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Jennifer Lopez, better known as J.Lo, is a pop idol who has been releasing bop after bop since 1999 and has been a key part of pop culture since 1990.

What Perfume Does Jlo Wear?

Since then she has proved herself as a true Pop Icon, as well as having a successful career in acting, having a beautiful family, and also being quite the businesswoman.

Jennifer Lopez has her line of skincare, fragrance and a clothing line with Macy’s while also being the face of luxury brand Coach.

The one thing many people want to know is what perfume J.Lo wears when she’s running around working on multiple projects and looking flawless doing so.

Here we look at what perfume J.Lo wears for a range of different events so that you too can smell like J.Lo and hopefully emulate the same level of success that she continues to have. 

What Perfume J.Lo Wears?

In 1998 J.Lo announced that she was launching a complete lifestyle collection that had never been done by any celebrity before. Fragrance was a part of this collection and we were introduced to the iconic fragrance Glow by J.Lo.

This perfume became the best-selling celebrity perfume of all time within its first year on the market and after seeing the success J.Lo had with this fragrance many other celebrities began to follow suit.

While Elizabeth Taylor was the first celebrity to create her own fragrance it did not reach the level of success that J.Lo’s Glow achieved. Still to this day some of J.Lo’s most cherished memories are related to the creation and release of Glow. 

To this date, J.Lo has created 32 fragrances in total in collaboration with Coty. Her fragrance franchise has grossed over $2 billion in retail sales since the release of Glow and J.Lo does not seem to have any signs of stopping anytime soon. 

While there are many fragrances that J.Lo could wear outside of her fragrance empire she does tend to wear her own creations. Below we look at J.Lo’s favorite scents from her fragrance line.

J.Lo’s Favorite Perfume

J.Lo encapsulates key moments in her life in her collection of scents. As a result, she has favorite scents that she loves to wear to feel sexy, fierce, and beautiful. Find out more below!

Promise By Jennifer Lopez 

J.Lo created this fragrance to capture a very important time in her life, Promise captures the essence of her 50th birthday, engagement to A-Rod, and the success of her role in the movie Hustlers.

J.Lo is quoted to have said that this fragrance makes her feel sexy and strong. The scent has a perfect balance of masculine earthy, woody notes topped with floral-fruity notes to make this a well-rounded scent.

Glow By J.Lo 

Glow was J.Lo’s first fragrance and since its launch, it has become one of the most iconic perfumes. Everything from the bottle to the scent is J.Lo to the core.

The diamante branded necklace is the only label on the bottle, a true nod to J.Lo’s style at the time the perfume was launched. 

Glow is renowned to have a gorgeous, fresh scent with notes of vanilla and musk topped with citrus fruits and sheer florals. This perfume bursts with femininity and would make anyone feel alive wearing it. 

It is rumored that this is the perfume that J.Lo wears when she is performing on stage. 

Live By J.Lo 

This is J.Lo’s fourth installment in her fragrance line and it is described as smelling like a birthday cake, a baby’s head, and pineapple. The bottle of this perfume makes it look like an elixir, maybe it is the elixir to getting the same amount of energy J.Lo has.

Expect to experience notes of sandalwood, tonka beans, caramel, citrus fruit, and pineapple, topped with peonies and violets. 

Still By Jennifer Lopez

There is a sense of calmness and clarity from the first glance at this bottle of perfume. Still by Jennifer Lopez is one of the longest-lasting perfumes from her collection and she usually wears this deep-bodied scent in the colder months of the year.

This gentle and clean scent has notes of earl gray tea, white pepper, and mandarin, perfectly combined with lush heart notes of rose and freesia. This scent encapsulates J.Lo’s femininity and would make any woman feel powerful but girly when wearing it.

Deseo By Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo released Deseo in 2008 and this scent is a feast for the senses. The bottle is a stunning diamond shape and the perfume itself oozes confidence and sensuality. This perfume is great for day and night with floral and fresh spicy notes. 

J.Lo created this perfume to remember a gorgeous walk she took with her husband at night time through a stunning garden.

Expect to experience a captivating blend of bamboo leaf, yuzu, freesia, Sicilian bergamot, and white floral essences, with a base of deep wood scents and topped with a citrusy aroma. 

J.Lo also released Deseo Cologne for Men, created for her husband in 2008, Marc Anthony and J.Lo crafted a scent that reminded her of her husband.

The male cologne smells like desire with layers of citrus essence blended with cedar and a distinctive rich aroma of tobacco leaf. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope that this piece has answered all of your burning questions about what perfume Jennifer Lopez wears. J.Lo’s fragrances are stocked in most drugstores, fragrance shops, and select beauty stores.

It may however be difficult to find a store that sells the full 32-piece line as some perfumes from the range have been discontinued.

As J.Lo has recently become engaged again we expect she will release a new scent soon in homage to the engagement and her fiance Ben Affleck. We expect it will smell like warm nostalgia after this power couple from the early ’00s has reunited. 

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