What Perfume Does Kylie Jenner Wear? [Her Scent Style Revealed]

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There is no denying that Kylie Jenner is one of the most influential young adults of the decade. Many find her as a source of inspiration from her business ventures to her beauty choices, from her outfits and fashion to the perfumes she wears.

Article: What Perfume Does Kylie Jenner Wear?
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If you want to know what perfumes Kylie Jenner loves to wear then keep on reading – we are going to be taking a closer look at the fragrances that this Jenner sister swears by.

This way, you can sample them for yourself and find out if they are really the fragrances for you! 

Does Kylie Jenner Even Wear Perfume?

First, let’s address the elephant in the room – yes, Kylie Jenner does indeed wear perfume. 

Now, it’s true that Miss Jenner did once say that she doesn’t often wear perfume because she finds that they give her a headache. So, yes, this means that more often than not, Kylie Jenner doesn’t wear perfumes.

But not that she never wears perfume. 

There are a few select fragrances that Kylie Jenner does wear, that don’t have the strong smells and aromas that can cause her to have headaches.

As a result, Kylie Jenner usually sticks to perfumes that might not be based on her all-time favorite scents, but based on their strength instead. 

However, there are a select few sprays and perfumes that Kylie Jenner has confirmed that she does indeed wear. Let’s take a look at those lucky perfumes to see if they suit your own tastes too! 

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion

This is less of a ‘perfume’ and more of a body mist but it’s one of the few fragrances that Kylie Jenner has named that she frequently wears. It’s also one of Victoria Secret’s best selling body sprays – and for good reason! 

Their Coconut Passion body spray is a super sweet blend of two main favorite scents – vanilla and coconut. Both combine together to create a very tropical body mist that is perfect for summer use, plus they balance each other out beautifully.

While the vanilla is light and sits on top, the coconut helps bring a warmth and luxurious creaminess to the fragrance. There are also mute notes of lily of the valley, giving this tropical spray just a hint of extra floral to balance out the notes. 

Because this is not a typical perfume, the formula is fairly simple and thus uncomplicated. You pretty much get what you are given on the packaging – a fruity and floral body spray that will keep your smelling great all day. 

It may be an unusual recommendation for a ‘perfume’ but considering Kylie Jenner’s inability to wear perfume often, it makes sense that a gentle body mist would be her go-to fragrance.

So, if you also find that you struggle to wear perfume due to sinus related issues, then it’s definitely worth you trying out this body mist from Victoria’s Secret. If it works for Kylie, then it should also work for you! 

KKW Fragrance’s Nude Lips

KKW Fragrance, Nude, Eau de Parfum, 1 oz

Kylie Jenner very rarely wears perfume but you can bet that during special events, she will use a small amount just for the occasion. So, in the rare instances that Kylie does wear perfume, what is she wearing? 

According to Kylie, it’s her own branded perfume from KKW Fragrance. 

Well, duh! Of course, if Kylie Jenner is ever going to take the chance to wear and promote a perfume she would choose her own…

Nude Lips was an instant success when it was first released in 2019 and in terms of notes and scent, it shares some similarities with Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion.

Although it lacks the tropical scents of coconut, this perfume goes in full on the floral aspects.

Vanilla and lily of the valley make triumphant returns with lily of the valley sitting bolding in the top notes alongside some warm notes of solar spices to help transform this perfume into something darker and more sensual.

The floral aroma continues through into the heart notes where magnolia, peony, and sexy jasmine take over. Finally, the finishing notes of sweet vanilla and warm amber and musk set in, leaving you with a dark and sensual scent. 

Overall, this fragrance is a seductive one with exciting combinations of jasmine, musk and amber. It perfectly fits Jenner’s personality and image (even right down the plump lip-shaped bottle) but the scent itself is a unique mixture of classic floral and smoky aroma. 

It’s the strong finishing notes which are truly the defining ingredients that has turned this perfume from a typical floral fantasy to something far more sensual, far more erotic, and far more, well, ‘Kylie Jenner’.  

So, this perfume is a high end choice for anyone seeking to channel a bit of Kylie in their lives. 

Final Thoughts

So, unfortunately, Kylie Jenner does not wear a lot of perfume often. 

In an interview, the model claimed that perfume gave her headaches and as a result, she avoided wearing perfume as much as possible.

Instead, she stated that she used Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion body mist spray religiously as it is one of the few fragrances that does not give her a headache. 

However, when she does choose to wear a splash of perfume, Kylie Jenner keeps it in the business by wearing her very own Nude Lips fragrance from KKW Fragrance.

This makes total sense – not only is the perfume a perfect capture of Kylie Jenner’s personality and character, it was made with her in mind as the source of inspiration and thus it is the best matching perfume to her personally. 

So, if you want to channel some of Kylie Jenner’s confidence and seductiveness, then Nude Lips is a great first choice – even Kylie herself chooses it! 

Unfortunately, that’s it when it comes to perfumes that Kylie Jenner wears herself. It just goes to show that perfume is not for everyone but there are always alternatives out there in the form of body sprays and mists!

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