15 Best Fresh, Citrus Colognes & Fragrances For Men (The Answer Might Surprise You)

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If you’re looking for fantastic citrus colognes for men, then great news, as there are so many you’ll never be out of options!

15 Best Fresh, Citrus Colognes & Fragrances For Men (The Answer Might Surprise You)

However, there are also so many great smelling mens colognes that it’s hard to know exactly which ones are worth your time and money!

Well, we’ve made a list of some of the absolute best citrus-based colognes for man that we could find!

Our Picks

Without any further ado, here’s our picks!


Cremo Citrus & Mint Leaf Cologne Spray, A Cool, Refreshing Scent with Notes of Fresh Mint, Citron, Cedar and Moss, 3.4 Fl Oz

Citrus and mint fragrances of course go so well together, so it’s no surprise at all that this fantastic cologne from Cremo is so good! It’s an extremely fresh and vivacious fragrance that’s sure to please.

You’ll find it to be cool and relaxing, with enough going on to keep things interesting thanks to the woody cedar and moss that add a great outdoor feel to this cologne.


Every Man Jack Mens Cedarwood Cologne for Outdoor Guys - Notes of Cedar, Cypress, Citrus Peel, and a Lingering Vetiver Finish - Long Lasting and No Harmful Chemicals 3.4 FL-ounce - 1 Bottle

This fantastic cedarwood scented cologne for men is the perfect choice for a man who likes to spend time outdoors.

It’s a rugged, woody scent, as you’d expect, made from naturally derived ingredients.

As well as cedarwood, you’ll also find cypress, vetiver, and citrus peel, which gives it an extra noticeable tang! This is the perfect forest scent for the man who likes to be out there.


Princesse Marina de Bourbon Monsieur Le Prince On Fire Eau de Parfum for Men - Opens with Bergamot and Pepper Blended with Leather and Patchouli - Sensual Masculine Fragrance - 3.4 oz

Princesse Marina de Bourbon have created a great smelling woody citrus fragrance with their Le Prince Intense! It’s a very fruity yet rich scent, with lots of life and character.

Apple chips, pineapple, and bergamot all combine in a fantastic scent, but they’re not alone! Sage, jasmine, amber, and white wood all help to make this an even more rich and complex scent.


Acqua Di Parma Colonia Pura for Men Eau De Cologne Spray, 3.4 Ounce

Colonia Pura by Acqua Di Parma is a fantastic smelling fragrance that’s full of lively citrus tones, of course, but there’s a subtle complexity to this fragrance that shouldn’t be overlooked.

As well as orange, you’ll find many other rich scents here, such as bergamot, jasmine, narcissus, patchouli, cedar, and white musk, And, this is an alcohol free cologne too, which many people prefer!


CITRUS Men's Collection Fine Fragrance Cologne Mist by Body Botanic 5 Fl Oz 148 Ml - Made with Botanicals and a Brisk, Uplifting Blend of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Yuzu and Lemon

If you’re the type of person that admires simplicity, then you’ll love this fantastic scent for men!

It quite proudly wears the citrus label on its sleeve, and simply combines pink grapefruit, yuzu, and lemon to make a fantastic men's cologne.

It’s vegan and cruelty free too, meaning it’s a more ethical way of staying fresh smelling throughout the day! So, if all of that sounds good, why not give this one a try?


Aromi Solid Cologne | Spicy, Citrus Men's Fragrance, Oakmoss Scent, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Father's Day Gift Idea, Travel, Alcohol-free (Sweet Dude)

If you’re somebody who prefers a solid cologne, then you are going to absolutely fall in love with the range of fantastic scents from Aromi! This one in particular is a real winner.

Their Sweet Dude is a fantastic mix of lively fruity scents, with stront citrus tones thanks to the orange and lemon. You’ll also like the floral woodiness that comes from the fir and oakmoss.


Sapil Perfumes Solid” - Long lasting, enticing scent for every day from Dubai citrus, spicy, musk scent EDT spray fragrance 3.4 Oz (100 ml)

Here’s another absolutely fantastic cologne, but don’t be fooled by the name - this is a spray, not a solid men's cologne!

You’ll notice straight away that this scent wants your attention, thanks to the great smelling citrus overtones.

Not just lively, this men's cologne is also spicy and musky, and contains some great woody scents too that every man will love! Definitely one to consider trying out!


J & H VARIETY PERFUME J&H BLACK CODE GOLD INTENSE, Cologne for Men Eau De Toilette Natural Spray | Woody and Citrus Notes Fragrance, all Skin Types Casual Formal Wear, 3.4 Fluid Ounce/100 Ml Ounce

For a more rich and sensual cologne for men, try out Code Black Gold Intense by J&H! Of course, you’ll find the great citrus scent you’re after with this amazing mens cologne.

There’s also a sophisticated woodiness that blends with the fruity aromas in this cologne.

And, it’s all smoothed out by subtle vanilla tones that really work to make this an essential fragrance.


Collection Grands Crus Assam Of India Eau de Cologne 100ml

Parfums Berdoues have an absolutely fantastic unisex scent on offer here - something that both men and women alike can enjoy!

Their Assam of India combines fantastic citrus lemon tones with the real main attraction - the rich and sweet fragrance of Indian tea!

Underneath it all, there’s a layer of sandalwood, which gives this fantastic fragrance a real woody, earthy grounding!


Boucheron Pour Homme Eau de Toilette, Woody Citrus, 3.3 Fl Oz

With over 30 years of production, it’s fair to say that Boucheron have made a great smelling timeless mens cologne!

It’s a notably citrus fragrance, of course, but with some really great undertones that help this fragrance stand out from the crowd.

Not only is it fresh and lively, but you’ll also love the warmth and spiciness too! Floral notes add to this fragrance to make it a real star.


Gendarme Eau De Cologne Spray for Men - Clean Fresh Unisex Fragrance, 2 oz (Spray Glass)

If you’re after a fantastically subtle yet professional cologne for men, then Gendarme has a great one for you.

This men's cologne is as assertive as it is striking, with lively lemon and lime combining to make a scent that’s sure to please.

Long lasting and non-allergenic, Gendarme is great for so many occasions. If this sounds like the right fragrance for you, check it out at the link above!


theo & amelia Drakensberg Rollerball Cologne for Men | A Bold Scent with Bergamot, Japanese Grapefruit, Patchouli, Cedar and a Subtle Touch of Peppermint. - 10mL Travel-Friendly Rollerball Fragrance

Spray colognes are well loved, but they’re not for everybody, or for every situation.

If you’re looking for a practical cologne for a hard working, busy man, then this roll-on cologne could well be a fantastic choice!

It’s compact enough to store in a bag easily, and of course smells absolutely amazing.

Full of fruity citrus tones, as well as other scents such as cedar, patchouli, and mint, this is a great men's cologne!


Ferrari Scuderia Black | Eau de Toilette Natural Spray | Fragrance for Men | Aromatic Fougere with Citrus, Fruit, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Scent | 125 mL / 4.2 fl oz

Absolutely everybody knows the famous super car brand Ferrari!

So, if you or someone you know is a big fan of the famed Italian legends, then consider giving Black from Scuderia Ferrari a spin!

It’s a very bold cologne for men, with strong citrus and fruit overtones.

Underneath, things get a little rich and spicy thanks to the cinnamon notes. And, there’s rose, jasmine, musk, and vanilla, to take all the edges off!


100BON L'Eau Du Parc – Fresh & Energetic Organic Fragrance for Women & Men – Sweet Citrus Fragrance with Bergamot, Lemon, Orange Blossom & Patchouli - 100% Natural Fragrance Spray, 0.5 Fl Oz

As this fantastic cologne for men by 100BON is inspired by the famed Parc de la Tête d'Or in Lyon, it’s of course natural that it’s a fantastically outdoorsy smelling fragrance.

And, again befitting its inspiration, all of the fantastic scents in this cologne are completely natural, being extracted solely from plants and herbs!

Even the alcohol for the fragrance comes from organic wheat, meaning that this is a green fragrance in many ways!


Caswell-Massey Heritage Newport Cologne Spray, Scents of Lavandin, Sandalwood, Cedar & Citrus, Fragrance For Men, Made In The USA, 88 mL

Finally, we have this fantastic mens cologne from Caswell-Massey!

Drawing inspiration from the New England sailing culture, this is a rugged men's cologne that’s full of life and character.

Of course, there’s great smelling mandarin, and it’s backed by geranium and lavender. Balsam and cedarwood add to the mix to make a great smelling natural cologne!


As there are so many fantastic citrus colognes for men, this is by no means an exhaustive list. However, these are some of the very best!

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