How Long Does Chanel Perfume Last?

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We all love to smell nice right? It’s something that is very important to us especially when we’re dressed glamorously and ready for a night on the town!

How Long Does Chanel Perfume Last

But when we’re in the market for perfume, we may look at some top designer brands like Chanel, and before we buy, we wonder to ourselves how long the perfume will actually last. 

We mean this both for the scent and the bottle itself. Luckily though, we’ve provided all the answers below. We’re going to look at how long Chanel perfume lasts and give you a bunch of other handy tips you may need to know. Read on to learn more! 

Expiration Date For Chanel Perfume 

When it comes to wondering how long Chanel perfume will actually last in a bottle (not on your skin), there isn’t really a hard and fast rule for its life. 

However, it is theorized that most perfumes have a shelf-life of an average of three to five years. Some can last as long as ten years though, it really depends on the chemical composition of the fragrance and the environment it’s been in. 

Some researchers have suggested that perfumes with heavier base notes, like Oriental scents, tend to last the longest as they act like wine or whiskey – in that they get better with age. 

The flip side of this, of course, means that perfumes with more citrus or floral scents will be more volatile and more likely to expire quickly – possibly within one year. 

As we mentioned though, the shelf life will depend a lot on how you’ve stored the perfume. If you’re purchasing a fragrance like Chanel, you’ll want to ensure you are storing it correctly so that it keeps it scent. 

You should store perfume away from direct sunlight and try to maintain a cool temperature. If you do not do this, even scents like Chanel will begin to change and even become unpleasant to smell when applied to the skin. 

The Smell Of Chanel – How Long Does It Last?

When we’re asking how long Chanel perfume lasts on the skin, the answer is somewhere in the region of two hours to twenty four hours, but there are a number of variables to this. We’ll take a look at these individually. 

Other Perfumes/Scents 

Some people may be wearing a number of perfumes or deodorants, and they may have recently left the shower or bath. This type of hygiene is of course encouraged – but the scents you have already used may play a role in how long the Chanel perfume scent lasts.

This is because other smells can mask Chanel, depending on how strong they are – but they can also change the chemical composition of the perfume when it reaches your skin, which will change the overall scent.

There are plenty of resources online that can advise you on what scents compliment Chanel perfume and vice versa. 

How Long Does Chanel Perfume Last

The Bottle Has Been Exposed To Air 

Once oxygen enters the bottle, the liquid (the perfume itself) will begin the process of oxidation. This can lead to the evaporation of alcohol and therefore the smell of alcohol is much more prominent than the lovely fragrance you are expecting. 

As a result, the scent of Chanel may not last as long as you’d expect it to. Of course, you can curtail this problem by storing your Chanel perfume bottle in a cool, dark place – especially in the summer months. 

The Perfume Is Not Genuine 

There are many unscrupulous sellers out there that will sell you Chanel perfume that is not genuine. It may appear genuine and may even smell similar, but you will soon know that it is not the quality brand you thought you were getting. 

It’s advised that you always purchase Chanel from reputable sources, preferably directly from the manufacturer.

Counterfeit perfume can lead to skin conditions and other reactions – so it’s never worth the risk. Check the label if you are unsure and look for signs that the bottle is genuine or not. 

Do All Chanel Perfumes Last The Same Length Of Time?

Not necessarily, but generally they last a long time. When it comes to the scent on the skin, most reports suggest that Bleu De Chanel lasts the longest due to a high concentration. 

The first few hours are strongest, lasting up to three hours and then a lesser scent lasts for an extra four hours. However, the smell lasts even longer if it is applied to clothes and has been known to keep a pleasant fragrance for nearly a full day. 

Why Does Chanel Last So Long?

Chanel perfumes last a long time, not just on the skin but also in the bottle because it is created with very high quality ingredients and made with care and attention. 

Should I Keep Chanel Perfume In The Bathroom?

Whilst it may be very easy for you to keep your perfume in the bathroom along with your other skin related products, it is never recommended to keep Chanel perfume in the bathroom. 

This is because of humidity. Humid environments are the worst places for Chanel perfumes to go – so it is much better to put them in a drawer in your bedroom. 

You need to ensure the perfume avoids direct sunlight and too much heat, so bedroom drawers are ideal. Remember, the storage space will play a huge role in how long the perfume lasts – so you’ll want to get that right. 

The Bottom Line 

Chanel perfume lasts a long time both when we are talking about your skin but also the overall shelf life – and this is because Chanel perfume is made with very high quality ingredients and expertise. 

If you want to prolong the smell and overall life of your perfume, ensure you store it correctly and always buy genuine Chanel.