How To Smell Good 24/7: 18 Ways To Smell Fresh All Day

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Do you want to know the secrets that can help you to smell fresh all day long, not just when you are fresh out of the shower? Well, this is the perfect guide for you! Here we give 18 tips and tricks that will help you to smell fresh and feel good 24/7.

How To Smell Good 247 18 Ways To Smell Fresh All Day

By implementing these tips into your daily routine you will no longer have to reapply perfume and fragrance multiple times a day as we help you to find alternatives that will keep you smelling fresh while also working with your natural body oils.

18 Ways To Smell Fresh All Day

1. Drink Lots Of Water Daily 

This might sound odd but bear with us! Water is important to help our bodies run normally and without water, our bodies don’t work as well and we can begin to smell.

Water helps to dilute unpleasant scents like garlic, coffee breath, and even your sweat. You should aim to drink at least 96 fluid ounces of water per day. 

2. Shower Frequently

Many people try to decrease how often they shower to limit water use but did you know that taking short, frequent showers is more beneficial than taking one longer shower every couple of days. By staying clean you will smell and feel a lot fresher.

3. Use Natural Deodorants

Natural deodorants are the best way to target sweaty smells. While these deodorants don’t prevent dampness they do remove odors as they have the ability to fight off bacteria more so than heavy chemically manufactured deodorants can.

4. Apply Lotion and Oils

Relying on your perfume or fragrance to do all the work will only leave you smelling fresh for an hour as other odors eventually break through.

Applying a moisturizing lotion to slightly damp skin with leaving your skin soft and smelling lovely. Oils work just as well but make sure they are not overly scented.

5. Test Products Before You Buy Them

Fragrances smell different on everyone’s skin and that is why you should try them first. See if the scent is augmented by your natural body oils or if it remains unchanged.

Wearing a perfume that does not blend with your body oils will result in a bad smell as the day goes on.

6. Apply Fragrance Correctly 

Knowing where to apply and how to apply your fragrance will help it last longer. Any type of fragrance, for men or women, should be applied to the pulse points on the body.

This is because when the body heats up the fragrance is released. Focus on the wrists, and back of the ears. Never rub the fragrance into the skin, just spritz and allow it to dry. 

7. Perfume Your Hairbrush

If you have a fragrance that can be put on your hair simply spray it onto your hairbrush and comb it through the lengths, avoiding the roots. Every time your hair is blown or moved it will release a lovely smell.

Using a leave-in conditioner treatment that is scented will do the same trick.

8. Spray Your Torso

Did you know that spraying fragrance onto your bare torso is an effective way to smell fresh all day? As the torso is below the nose it gives a fresh aura rather than an in-your-face scent. Apply liberally and leave to dry before dressing.

9. Spritz Your Closet

Keeping your closet smelling fresh will help maintain your clothes smelling great after they have been washed. Using a simple anti-odor scented spray will be great for this but be sure to not spray directly onto clothing.

10.  Use Shoe Spray

One thing that can smell bad is your shoes. By spraying shoe spray before and after use your shoes will remain box-fresh for longer. 

11. Use Scented Sachets

Scented sachets in your clothes, underwear and accessory drawers will help prevent any dusty smells that can linger on clothes when being stored. This is particularly useful for athletic apparel to avoid sweaty smells from lingering even post-wash.

12. Be Aware Of What You Eat

If you know you are going to be in close proximity to others you should consider what you eat. Foods like fish, coffee, onions, and garlic can lead to bad breath and the smell can also linger on your clothing. 

If you can’t avoid these foods, carry around a toothbrush kit to brush your teeth after eating, and also always have mints for impromptu freshen-ups.

13. Wash With Good Quality Soaps And Bodywash

When showering, bathing, or washing your hands it is important to use good quality products.

Cheaper products are not great at cleaning the skin properly and so using a soap or body wash with natural scents, oils, and moisturizers can help scrub away any dirt or dead skin and leave you smelling great.

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14. Understand Layering

How you wear your fragrances and clothes can also impact the way that you smell. The best way to layer products and clothes is to firstly put on an unscented lotion before your perfume.

If you put moisture-heavy creams on after your perfume this will block the perfume’s scent and result in an oily appearance.

If you are wearing heavy clothes, spray fragrance on the mid-layer so it won’t get rubbed off when you put on a coat. If you are wearing lighter clothing allow the perfume to dry before dressing so the scent does not get rubbed off. 

15. Wash Your Outerwear

Coats, jackets, hats, and scarves are often forgotten about. Wash anything you wear frequently to avoid any bad smells from lingering and washing away any dirt or residues that can give a dirty or unclean appearance or impression.

Don’t forget to also wash jeans at least every two weeks to avoid sweaty smells. 

16. Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your home clean and dust-free will prevent nasty smells from lingering and clinging to your skin and clothing. Open the windows daily to allow fresh air through the home to literally blow out any bad smells.

17.  Use Pillow Spray

Pillow spray is a great way of keeping your bed smelling fresh, which means in turn that you wake up feeling and smelling fresh too! It is also possible to buy a spray for your bedsheets which is also very helpful for anyone on a keep fresh mission.

Make sure you change your bedsheets weekly and hoover your mattress once a month to eliminate any dead skin, bad smells, and dust.

18. Use Cotton Balls

To freshen up on the go may sometimes be necessary and for this, we recommend using cotton balls!

Rather than carrying around a million products simply spray a cotton ball with your favorite fragrance, place it in an airtight bag, and when you want to freshen up just wipe the cotton ball over your pulse points and allow it to dry.

This is a great way of making your perfume last longer and can act as an instant mood booster! Smell fresh, feel fresh, feel great!

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have found this guide useful and that you notice a huge difference in how fresh you feel and smell 24/7 by implementing our tips and tricks into your routine.

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