What Perfume Does Jennifer Aniston Wear?

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When it comes to A-list celebrities, most that we’re aware of live in the limelight and we know pretty much all aspects of their lives (well, within reason).

This includes where they buy their clothes and what perfumes they wear.

Article: What Perfume Does Jennifer Aniston Wear?
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Jennifer Aniston though leads a very private life. Not much is known about what she does behind closed doors like what her favorite clothes are, where she spends her time … but she has been on record to give us an idea what perfumes she prefers. 

This guide aims to answer all of your most important questions regarding Jennifer Aniston and her love of perfume. We’re going to look at her favorites and other things you may need to know.

So, read on to learn more!

30 Seconds On: Who Is Jennifer Aniston?

For the benefit of those who are unaware of who Jennifer Aniston is, we’re going to briefly explain. 

Jeniffer Aniston is perhaps best known from her role as Rachel from the long-running sitcom Friends. However, she has been in so many huge movies and TV shows that everyone has their own recognition of the actress. 

For example, she co-starred with Jim Carrey in the movie Bruce Almighty and she recently co-starred with Adam Sandler in the Netflix movie Murder Mystery. 

She’s won multiple awards including the Screen Actors Guild outstanding performance for the Morning Show, and a whole host of other awards for Friends. She’s also been awarded an Emmy and an MTV movie award.

However you remember Jennifer Aniston, there’s no denying she is one of the most versatile and talented actresses in the world today. 

What Perfume Does Jennifer Aniston Wear?

So, what does such a top superstar of Hollywood wear when it comes to perfume?

Anais Anais L’Original Perfume By Cacharel

Named after a Persian love Goddess, it is easy to see why Jennifer Aniston would love this specific perfume. 

Coming out in the late 1970s, this perfume has stood the test of time and has the most amazing floral fragrance. It has overtones of blackcurrant, lemon and orange blossom. 

The floral smells are inclusive of lilies, blossoms, lavenders, roses and jasmine – along with other flowers that are difficult to pinpoint. 

It is very long lasting and has a very magnetizing scent that draws you in almost instantly and keeps you invested all day long. 

The bottle is very interesting to say the least. Whilst it isn’t the greatest design, it is unique and the fragrance itself saves it. 

The bottle is a very dark, creamy white color with a circular diamond-patterned lid. The label matches the pattern and design from the box, which is a mix of pink, green and white. 

Whilst the packaging frankly may need a shake up, the smell does not. It is one of the most ideal perfumes for day-time occasions such as weddings or bridal showers, although it is probably not something you’d choose for an office environment. 

Due to its floral scent and general upbeat nature, it’s best to wear this perfume in the springtime moving into the summer. 

J By Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has her own fragrance, well, at least it’s a fragrance that bears her name. Launched back in 2014, it followed her original fragrance Lolavie which came out in 2010. 

The bottle is very aesthetically pleasing too. It appears as a rectangular hybrid shape with a slight pyramid inclination. 

The color is light to dark blue and is best described as appearing like the ocean and this is the type of vibe that the fragrance gives off – with a smell that brings back memories of the beach and the sea

It has a seasalt beginning once you’ve started spraying, followed by a smell of water lilies, magnolia and jasmines. 

It also has quite a musky tone with vanilla and sandalwood. As a result of its smell and tone that it brings us, the perfume can be used for almost any occasion. 

Even though you could carry this perfume around and spray it for times at the nightclub or at a wedding, the best environment you could use this is in venues near the beach. 

Maybe you’re going to a beach wedding or maybe you’re going to a restaurant near the sea – either way, this fragrance is ideal. 

It makes perfect sense why Jennifer would put her name to this perfume due to the thoughts and mood it brings us. The seasalt and lilies remind us of a calming environment and the light touch it gives us allows us to take a breath and chill. 

This is essentially Jennifer’s personality in a bottle – calm, independent and collected. 

Frangipane By Chantecaille

This perfume is mainly focused on being one of the best for environmental and ethically sourced benefits. 

It’s perfect for vegans and has an amazing floral scent to connect us to nature. The bottle is beautiful to look at and the liquid is a strong amber color. 

It’s rectangular with a thin cap, topped off with what appears as a crystal ball or a chandelier. In many ways, it is a spiritual type of perfume and this is complemented by its Oriental overtones. 

You can smell orange, violet leaf and water along with jasmine, spices and sweet vanilla. The perfume lasts a long time too once it’s reached your skin or on your clothes, so you can expect it to keep going for about seven hours! 

The smell links us to thoughts of romance, love and togetherness – along with peace. 

This encapsulates how we think of Jennifer Aniston – a peaceful person who has been through love and romance many times and knows what it’s like to experience true happiness. 

The Bottom Line 

Jennifer Aniston has a few choices for fragrances and all of them are quite highly reviewed – unusual for celeb fragrances where a lot of them are simple, mass-market products designed to appeal to the largest number.

Finally, we’d like to leave you with a review of another JA-branded perfume:

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