What Does Halston Perfume Smell Like?

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Halston’s original perfume is one of the most famous and interesting fragrances out there. However, the original scent isn’t made anymore – so what exactly does it smell like?

If you’ve ever wondered what Halston’s iconic perfume smells like, then you’ve come to the right place!

What Does Halston Perfume Smell Like?

In this guide, we’ll break down the different parts of the original Halston perfume’s scent profile and take a look at the different top, heart, and base notes of the fragrance. So let’s get started, shall we?

What Scents Are In Original Halston Perfume?

The most iconic Halston perfume is the original. First released in 1975, this fragrance is famous for its complex and interesting scents.

However, while Halston still produces a perfume called ‘Halston Classic’, this perfume isn’t quite the same as the original fragrance.

This is because the original Halston perfume was what’s known as a floral chypre – essentially, this means that a lot of its scents came from a base of oakmoss.

Oakmoss is now prohibited for use in perfumes as it can cause allergic reactions in a large portion of the population.

As a result, Halston Classic doesn’t have quite the same smell as the original did. So let’s take a closer look at the original Halston perfumes fragrance profile.

As mentioned before, Halston perfume has complex scents built around oakmoss and patchouli. This gives the perfume an interesting balance of bitter, woody notes and floral sweetness.

Halston’s scents come in waves – the green, herby notes come first, and develop into a bright and fruity heart.

The top notes of Halston perfume are notably herby and woody, almost bitter, and are carried by a distinctive mint scent.

The other top notes include green leaves and bergamot, as well as some touches of melon and peach that pair these stronger notes with the original Halston’s more subtle and floral heart notes.

Speaking of which, these mid notes include brighter scents, including jasmine, carnation, rose, cedar, marigold, orris root, and ylang-ylang (a herb native to south-east Asia and parts of Oceania that helps to reduce anxiety).

The fragrance is rounded out with earthy and wooden tones. Most important is the rich and earthy oakmoss backbone that gives the original Halston perfume its signature scent. However, these also include notes of patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and musk.

This all combines into a fragrance that may seem complicated and dissonant at first glance; however, the fascinating blends of these scents help to give Halston perfume a more complex and unique fragrance pattern that evolves over time.

From its minty, herby openings to its sweet and floral heart, and rounded out with earthy and woody base notes, the unique smell of original Halston more than justifies its popularity and status.

But What About Halston Classic? 

So what is the difference between the original Halston perfume and Halston Classic – its no-oakmoss alternative? Well, as mentioned above, the smell of Halston Classic doesn’t quite match up to the original.

What Does Halston Perfume Smell Like?

A large part of this is just down to the lack of oakmoss – this removes the earthy backbone of the perfume, making Halston Classic rely more on its patchouli and sandalwood base notes to deliver its woody and earthy core.

This isn’t the only difference, however. While the original Halston perfume has hints of melon and peach in its front notes which lead to the more subtle heart of the fragrance, Halston Classic has a slightly different fragrance profile.

Halston Classic contains notes of cucumber to mellow out the strong minty front notes. Additionally, the floral and fruity heart notes include hints of lemon and citrus as opposed to the more delicate scents in the original Halston perfume.

Halston Classic isn’t a bad fragrance – in fact, it’s anything but that – though you do need to consider the differences between the more modern Halston Classic and the original Halston perfume. 

How Halston Perfume Develops Throughout The Day

Like pretty much any other perfume, Halston’s scent changes as time goes on. Throughout the day, different notes will put themselves at the forefront of the scent.

This mostly follows the order listed above, where sharper herby notes are balanced against brighter, floral smells.

The primary opening note is the distinctive minty smell that Halston is famous for. These remain for hours after the perfume has been applied, though they mellow out into a sweeter and more subtle mint scent.

After the initial powerful hits of mint, bergamot, and green leaves have died down, they make way for the gentler touches of rose, jasmine, and cedar.

Here is also where the fruitier top notes (peach and melon) rise above the subtle hints of cedar and orris root, where they complement other sharp heart notes such as ylang-ylang and carnation.

The base notes are what hold the whole perfume together, and are present until the perfume fully fades. These give depth and cohesion to the potent front- and mid-notes, with its oakmoss and patchouli backbone balancing out the fragrance as a whole.

These woody and earthy notes from the oakmoss, patchouli and sandalwood lend a grounding element to the bright and sharp smells, while the amber and musk form a solid base for practically every perfume out there.

Because of these changing elements, the original Halston perfume offers a complex and sophisticated evolution as it dries on the skin. The initial fragrance draws the nose in, while the flowery and fruity heart notes that it fades into perfectly compliments this.

Halston perfume is built around its oakmoss base notes – this is why the perfume still smells incredible despite how varied some of its scents can be!

Final Thoughts 

So there you have it – now you know all there is to know about what Halston perfume smells like! This perfume has a fascinating scent, with many layers and seemingly contradictory notes that play upon each other perfectly.

While the original Halston perfume may no longer be made, this iconic fragrance is still famous for its unique and fascinating scent-profile.

And now you know what the original Halston perfume smells like, maybe you can try making your own version at home!