How To Use Body Spray [The Right Way!]

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If you’ve ever been a teenager, you’ll know what body spray is.

It’s a great way to add a little bit of extra fragrance to yourself without smelling too strong.

It’s a lot less potent than colognes and perfumes and it is often sprayed all over your body to give you a little bit of extra fragrance. But is that the right idea?

Read on to find out more about how to use body spray!

How To Use Body Spray

What Is Body Spray? 

Body spray is just another way to deliver a fragrance. Spray containers use pressure to force a fine mist out of the nozzle, instead of the concentrated spritz of a perfume or cologne.

Usually, they’re made with alcohol and water and then a perfume blend. That blend can be made with essential oils or synthetic compounds.

You can apply this spray all over your body. Some body sprays also have a light moisturizer in them so they will moisturize your skin. If you are looking for this, you should look for a body spray that is oil based.

When To Apply Body Spray

Normally, body spray is applied after taking a shower and drying off. You would usually spray the body spray pretty much all over your body, a lot more liberally than perfume.

This is because it’s a lot less strong. You should still ensure that you don’t spray too much onto yourself in order to avoid irritation. 

It is a good idea to apply the spray after you have had a shower because these sprays are not made to cover up bad scents, they are to create nice scents.

You should clean your body, then apply an anti-perspirant deodorant, before spraying on your body spray.

Typically you should use an unscented deodorant in order to avoid clashes.

Why Do You Need Body Spray?

Body spray provides a nice fragrance that will make you smell good, which can be fun in itself, though it can also act as a confidence booster. Many people like the simple action of a body spray and find it to be less “fussy” than perfumes.

It can also be moisturizing if you apply an oil based fragrance. 

Perfume Vs Deodorant Vs Body Spray

When body spray is the topic of discussion, many people wonder what the real difference between perfume, deodorant and body spray really is.

The difference between body spray and perfume is the concentration of the fragrance.

In perfume, the fragrance is highly concentrated, making it smell a lot stronger than body spray.

The smell that you will find in perfume can remain for a long time on clothes and your body. Body spray will only last for around 1-4 hours. Some people worry about applying too much perfume and ending up smelling very strong.

Body spray is very different from deodorant. Deodorant’s main purpose is to prevent you from smelling bad when you perspire, whereas the main purpose of body spray is to smell nice.

Deodorant solves the problem by neutralizing any bad smells that come from sweat and bacteria. Body mist simply smells nice and has some mild moisturizing properties. 

How To Make Your Body Spray Smell Last Longer 

Body spray smells often don’t last for very long. They are less expensive than perfume and they are designed to create a smell that fades after a few hours.

You can always spray more to top-up of course, but that’s a lot harder if you’re in the office!

Similar to making perfumes last longer, one thing to note is that scents last longer on skin that isn’t too dry. Applying an unscented moisturizing body lotion before spraying can help with longevity.

How To Apply Body Spray For Men And Women

When you are applying body spray, you should follow these steps below for the best application:

  • Start with your upper body. It’s best to hold the spray can quite far away from your body to avoid any burns from the pressurized liquid. It should be at least 6 inches away. Press the button down and spray over your torso for a few seconds. 
  • Avoid spraying the armpits – that’s where the unscented deodorant should go.
  • Spray your legs next, in a sweeping motion, once down each leg, thigh to ankle
  • Reapply as needed. Usually, it’s best to apply this spray once a day. This is best in the morning after you have had a shower. However, if you have done some exercise and had a shower in the middle of the day, there is no reason not to reapply again.

How To Choose Your Body Spray

When it comes to the different smells of body spray, it is important to choose one that suits you. Just like perfumes and colognes, some are fruity and sweet while others are musky. Some are mild and some are very strong.

Know what scents you like and take your pick! There’s no harm in trying a few different ones out to figure out the best one for you.

You can also opt for more natural smells which just make you feel fresh but don’t add too much artificial flavorings to your smell. Citrus-based scents tend to give the best sense of simply being “fresh and clean”.

Before You Go 

OK, that’s a wrap! Now you know all there is to know about body spray. You know how to apply it, why and when to use it and what body spray actually is.

But don’t forget to check out our next article – we’ve rounded up some of the best men’s body sprays just for you!

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